How To Interest A Man

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How To Interest A Man
How To Interest A Man

Video: How To Interest A Man

Video: How To Interest A Man
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The ability to interest a man you like is a real talent that many women dream of having. The advice of psychologists will help you to take the first unobtrusive steps towards a new relationship and attract the attention of a man for a long time.

How to interest a man
How to interest a man


Step 1

Always be ready for a fateful meeting. The first thing that a man evaluates in a woman is, of course, her appearance. Try to be on top in any situation. This, of course, does not mean that you need to go to the bakery in an evening dress. Be well-groomed and tidy, wear only outfits that emphasize your dignity, even if you go to a neighbor's for salt. Nobody knows where you can meet your destiny!

Step 2

Get the man's attention. The most effective techniques are a look and a smile. Give the man an interested look, and when he notices your interest, look away. After a few seconds, look at the man again and smile at him. Such a friendly interest will not leave indifferent any man. And, in addition, a smile will demonstrate to your chosen one that you do not suffer from delusions of grandeur, and will not pretend to be a "snow queen" when trying to get to know each other.

Step 3

Take an unobtrusive step forward if a man is shy. In the old days, women dropped a handkerchief in front of the gentleman they liked so that he had a reason to speak. Today you can ask a man for advice or help in an area in which it is the representatives of the stronger sex who are better versed. And don't forget to smile and thank!

Step 4

Make your communication pleasant. Acquaintance is only the first step, it is very important not to scare off a man at the very beginning of a relationship. Be friendly and listen more than you speak. Remember to encourage and praise the man. Taboo topics during dating include past relationships, illnesses and ailments, and financial problems. Remember that some things can only be told if you are really very close and your relationship is time-tested. And at the first stage, you should not give out too much information about yourself.

Step 5

Be tactful. The first time you stay with him for the night, do not behave like the mistress of the house. This means that there is no need to wash the dishes, clean up, prepare breakfast, force his bathroom with his shampoos and gels, ask for the keys to his apartment. A man should himself want you to become the mistress of his bachelor den.

Step 6

Remain a mystery to him. This advice is relevant not only at the beginning of a relationship. To be always interesting for a man, you need to remain a "mysterious stranger" even after several years of marriage. Do not abandon hobbies and friends for his sake, keep your little secrets. Men are inherently hunters, and the game they catch is not so interesting to them. But a man will always love, appreciate and be afraid of losing a self-sufficient and independent woman.

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