What Is The Best Way To Kiss A Guy

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What Is The Best Way To Kiss A Guy
What Is The Best Way To Kiss A Guy
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The art of kissing is a science available to any girl. He can be passionate and enticing, or, on the contrary, talk about your tenderness and meekness. Learn more about one of the most important parts of communication between a man and a woman.

What is the best way to kiss a guy
What is the best way to kiss a guy

Places for kissing

There is an opinion that the only erogenous zone of a man is located below his belt. Believe it is not true. A gentle kiss of a beloved girl will undoubtedly give a man very great pleasure if you experiment a little and find these most cherished erogenous zones. Start with the face. From the lips, with soft short kisses, move along the cheek to the eyes, go down to the ear and gently touch it. Many men enjoy it when a woman kisses the neck in the area under the ear towards the shoulder. On the shoulder, by the way, you can also slip your lips. Such an affection will be a passionate beginning of a love game and will give your beloved unforgettable moments.

Nipples are another undeservedly forgotten erogenous zone for men. If you lightly touch his nipple with your lips or even bite your tongue while doing so, your partner will appreciate your efforts. Although, in fairness, it should be said that not all men have heightened sensitivity. But what your chosen one will definitely like is the gentle and passionate kisses of the area between the navel and the genitals, as well as caressing the inner thighs from the knee up. Men are just crazy about it!

Unusual kisses

Even a classic kiss on the lips can be painted with completely new colors, if you show a little imagination. The contrast of temperatures is very exciting. Take a small ice cube in your mouth and try to pass it to each other until it melts. And if you blindfold a man and alternate burning kisses after a sip of hot tea with frosty kisses after cold water, unforgettable sensations are guaranteed to him.

An authentic French kiss can be made more passionate by pulling on the bottom lip of your chosen one. This should be done carefully, a light, subtle movement is quite enough. This movement causes very unusual sensations and, most likely, will be accepted favorably by a man.

Should I take the first step

Sometimes it happens that you like a man, you instinctively expect the first kiss from him, but he just can't decide on it. In this case, there will be no trouble if you take the lead. You can just approach it with your lips, clearly hinting that you are waiting for the continuation. As a rule, if the sympathy is mutual, the man will only be glad that you went to the rapprochement first and will kiss you back.

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