How To Express Tenderness

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How To Express Tenderness
How To Express Tenderness

Video: How To Express Tenderness

Video: How To Express Tenderness
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Lovely features, a familiar smell, a voice dear to your heart … You feel a surge of tenderness, but you don't know how to express it. You are overwhelmed with such a flurry of feelings for your loved one that your heart, it would seem, is about to burst …

How to express tenderness
How to express tenderness


Step 1

Be sincere. Don't be afraid to show the depth of your feelings. Trust your feelings and intuition and then they will guide you.

Step 2

Give your loved one a small romantic gift. This way will be a beautiful souvenir, flower or postcard. Remember that the focus is on the attention, not the thing itself. It's great if you make a gift with your own hands.

Step 3

Create a romantic, open-minded atmosphere. Prepare your loved one for a pleasant surprise.

Step 4

Hug your chosen one (darling) lightly. Do it as gently, carefully and maybe even reverently.

Step 5

Talk to your loved one lovingly and frankly. Be gentle and subtle about your feelings.

Step 6

Show your affection with practical help. For example, go to the store, cook dinner, wash the dishes … Make your loved one feel secure in your arms and truly loved.