What Determines The Tenderness Of A Woman

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What Determines The Tenderness Of A Woman
What Determines The Tenderness Of A Woman

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Tenderness is the most important feminine quality. This quality helps to maintain difficult relationships, mitigate critical moments. Tenderness is one of the main components of true love.

What determines the tenderness of a woman
What determines the tenderness of a woman

It is difficult to answer what exactly determines the tenderness of a woman. There is an opinion that tenderness is an accumulated feeling, when there is no object for its application, it accumulates and accumulates. Many single women and girls complain of an aching feeling that cannot be expressed in words, perhaps this is how tenderness is expressed that there is no one to convey.

Having found her man, the woman begins to envelop him in tenderness. This emotion manifests itself in everything from touching to cooking. She is even expressed in affectionate nicknames that the girl gives to her chosen one.

Usually men notice just spontaneous outbursts of tenderness, considering them significant, although the atmosphere of care, love and warmth speaks of the "stability" of a woman's feelings much more.

How tenderness can be defined

There are two types of affection - constant and spontaneous. The constant envelops the entire surrounding space around the woman, like a kind of force field. Everyone who gets into it immediately feels warmth, friendliness, sympathy. This is a wonderful feeling that a happy, in love woman spreads around herself. Spontaneous tenderness is expressed in a kind of seizures, at such moments the girls resemble big cats that adore their loved ones, trying to achieve maximum contact.

Sometimes women are afraid to express their emotions in this way, then they resort to rude, almost familiar gestures. It is very difficult to discern the true, gentle female nature behind such masks. The modern world, in which women have the right and duty to “be strong,” discredits tenderness, considering it a weakness.

A significant component of love

It is the affectionate tenderness that women extend to their children. We can say that all the relationship between mother and child is built on her. Tenderness as the most understandable component of love is the easiest to accept and feel.

It is customary to use the word "gentle" to describe fleeting, transient things - melody, night, dessert …

Curiously, the definition of "gentle" is very rarely abstract and all-encompassing. Few people use the constructions "gentle man", "gentle woman". It's all about the subjectivity of perception. Tenderness is always directed towards someone. Even if all people in a certain group experience a “field of tenderness”, its root cause is in someone specific. Others just catch the excess of emotions.

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