How To Please A Woman

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How To Please A Woman
How To Please A Woman

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There are many ways to please a woman. And if you sincerely want it, then choosing it is not at all difficult. Focus on what your own heart tells you.

How to please a woman
How to please a woman


Step 1

It all depends on your imagination and capabilities. When you know a woman's tastes, it is as easy as shelling pears to please her. Prepare a romantic dinner or just dinner - getting rid of cooking will delight any woman. Give her a massage or give her a subscription for a massage in the salon, the professionals will do everything themselves - you will also receive words of gratitude. Wash the dishes. Plant the flower in a pot. Take the children to the zoo, and let the woman just relax from everyday worries at this time.

Step 2

Give her what she dreams of just like that, for no reason. Or something that she does not dream of, but that she would not refuse to have. Compliment her figure, hairstyle, shoes, and how she cooks deliciously. Be sure to ask for a second serving. For a woman, this is the best praise. Write in SMS that you miss. Call for no reason, say that she is the best. Meet her after work and take her to the restaurant, not home. Or home, where the ordered dinner will be waiting. On your way from the grocery store, go to the underwear section and buy your woman something frivolous.

Step 3

Flowers are a universal way to please a woman. Even a pretty flower in a pot or a small tangerine tree will do. Although the very best way to please a woman is to hug her and whisper in her ear: "I love you."

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