How To Please A Guy In Sex

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How To Please A Guy In Sex
How To Please A Guy In Sex

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Sex is an integral part of a relationship, and in order for the love idyll to last longer, girls should give the guy as much pleasure as possible.

How to please a guy in sex
How to please a guy in sex


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Unfortunately, some girls think that during sex they should be meek and fulfill all the whims of their partner. But this is not the case! Guys expect their partner to show her own initiative, but they do not always dare to hint at this, so here the girl will have to take on all the responsibility.

Step 2

The dominance of a girl during sex is loved by a huge number of guys, the "cowgirl" pose will be especially piquant. It is important to bear in mind that the faster the girl moves, the more unrestrained moans of the young man are expected. By their nature, men are more restrained, but if a partner makes him scream in sex, this will mean the highest degree of orgasm, which means that the girl has done an excellent job.

Step 3

Some people avoid looking into the eyes of the person nearby. This is because it is sometimes impossible to keep the excitement of beautiful eyes during eye contact. Girls should take advantage of this and during sex look into the eyes of the guy and make sure that he also watches how the facial expressions on the partner's face change.

Step 4

During sex, in no case should you be silent. A girl who gently whispers words of love into the guy's ear wins: the guy not only focuses on the process, but is also content with the sweet speech of his partner. It doesn't matter if he is the first partner or the tenth, the words "I never felt so good with anyone" will bring him to orgasm faster.

Step 5

If a guy does not take oral sex into account, this does not mean that the partner should not work with her tongue at all. The main thing is not to leave aside the erogenous points of the partner. Gently sucking on nipples, earlobes and other parts of the body will give him maximum pleasure.

Step 6

A loving girl is simply obliged to fulfill the wishes of a guy, regardless of whether she likes them or not. To please the guy is her task, so even the most unexpected dreams of a loved one must be realized.

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