How Unusual To Please A Guy In Bed

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How Unusual To Please A Guy In Bed
How Unusual To Please A Guy In Bed

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Great sex is the glue that holds a relationship. It is very important not to turn sexual contacts into a routine, to try to diversify them. Sometimes you need to forget about yourself for a while and please your partner.

How unusual it is to please a guy in bed
How unusual it is to please a guy in bed

Train and develop

To surprise your man in bed, it is enough to engage in the development of intimate muscles. There are a number of simple exercises that can improve the performance of the vaginal muscles. If you often perform these exercises, in the future you can try to bring a man to orgasm solely with the help of intimate muscles. At first, it is enough to strain as much as possible, and then relax the muscles during the day. It is advisable to do this at least two hundred times a day. The undoubted advantage of such exercises is their simplicity. You can perform them at any time - stuck in a traffic jam, sitting in the office, doing household chores. After a month of regular exercise, your man will notice unusual changes in his intimate area. It is especially useful for women who have given birth to do such exercises.

Do not be shy

Emancipation in bed is the key to incredible sex. If something is preventing you from relaxing, try to eliminate it. Take care of your body, if you are embarrassed to have sex in the light because of its imperfections, buy erotic lingerie that will give you confidence.

If you want to really please your man, give him blowjobs more often. Almost all men like this type of sexual caresses. Make the blowjob special, for this, eat a mint lollipop before starting, this will not only cause unusual sensations in the man, but also prolong the subsequent act, since mint or menthol reduces the sensitivity of the glans penis.

Remember that men love with their eyes. Therefore, choose the right position for the blowjob. Many men like it when their partners sit on their chest, leaning forward. This gives them a wonderful view.

Think over scenarios for sex games. Role play as a patient and a nurse or as a wealthy host and maid is a great way to spend an evening in an unforgettable setting. The sex that accompanies this kind of play can be incredible. Consider all the little things. Take care of the right lighting, the toys you will be using, and the costume in which you appear in front of your partner. Don't use the same script all the time, improvise in detail.

Remember that a relaxed woman, albeit with flaws in her figure (most of which are usually contrived), is much more interesting than an ideal beauty who only undresses in the dark and prefers to make love in a missionary position, keeping complete silence.

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