How To Show Tenderness

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How To Show Tenderness
How To Show Tenderness

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When you started your family, it seemed to you that you would always walk through life together, shoulder to shoulder. The two of you felt so good that the only thing you could dream of was falling asleep and waking up in the same bed. But over time, the tenderness in your relationship began to evaporate. In my head there were thoughts about how to equip life, not forget to buy groceries, go with the child for a vaccination, etc. And before you went shopping with pleasure and could only dream about how you will cook dinner together, or how long you want a child.

Love is when you feel like showing tenderness
Love is when you feel like showing tenderness


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First, don't worry. Your tenderness did not go away, she just fell asleep. And it's easy enough to wake her up, you need to make a little effort. It will be even easier if you just sit down and think how good you have been together, and that in fact nothing has changed in your relationship. You just ran and forgot that there is a loved one next to you, whom you love very much. Analyze your relationship. Are you cheating your partner. Perhaps he also lacks your tenderness. Previously, he received so much of your affection that now he may not understand its absence.

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Second, be sure to talk to your partner. You don't have to wait for him to guess all your desires. When both will understand that you are not satisfied with each other, it will be much easier to solve the problem.

Step 3

Third, start acting like you were at the very beginning of your relationship. When you walk past your loved one, pat him on the back or kiss on the cheek, and do not scold that he is watching TV again. Organize a small outdoor picnic with the whole family. Joke, hug, hold hands, compliment each other.

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