Do I Need A Walker

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Do I Need A Walker
Do I Need A Walker

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A walker is a device that helps a child move around an apartment at a time when he does not yet possess independent upright walking skills. But there are conflicting opinions about whether a walker is really needed.

Do I need a walker
Do I need a walker

Why walkers are needed

Adults place the baby in this device, believing that in this way they help him develop faster, because in the vertical position the viewing level is much greater than in the horizontal position, not to mention the fact that with the help of a structure rolling on wheels, the child has the opportunity move. And if we consider that not all children prefer to spend time in the arena without a walker, choosing the hands of their beloved mother, then the usefulness of this invention in this perspective is undeniable. But it was not without its drawbacks, since almost more has been written about the dangers of walkers than about their benefits.

Along with its practical purpose, a walker can be a sound toy, so children like them even more.

The harm and benefits of walkers

For the mother, the benefits are obvious: while the child is in the walker, she has the opportunity to do at least something around the house, at the same time not worrying about the safety of the baby, since in high-quality walker models he can neither turn over, nor reach foreign objects. There is also an opinion that the more diverse the world around the child, and the walkers allow you to make it such, expanding the surrounding space, the better and more comprehensive the baby develops.

Opponents of this device point out that it creates an excessive load on the fragile spine, and also prevents the child from developing physically at the pace that are inherent in him by nature, since he gets the standing skill even earlier than he learns to fully roll over and sit down.

In addition, the very movement in a walker is far from the principle of full-fledged walking, therefore, subsequently, difficulties may arise with coordination of movements and posture. In terms of safety, there are also cases that children still turned over in a walker, so parental supervision is still necessary.

If parents consider the harm of walkers not excessive, in their use you still need to know the measure so as not to harm your health.

Is a walker really necessary?

There can be no universal answer to this question, since each parent makes this decision for his child himself. Many families can easily do without a walker, but just as many families use them with the same pleasure. It should be borne in mind that the attitude of the children themselves to the walker is also contradictory and not everyone likes them. Therefore, it is possible to check whether this adaptation is so necessary and whether its acquisition turns out to be a useless investment of money only in a practical way.

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