How To Feed A Child From 7 Months

How To Feed A Child From 7 Months
How To Feed A Child From 7 Months
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From 6 months, complementary foods should already be introduced into the baby's diet. And from 7 months, the child should already get used to different foods, including thick and solid ones. Any new product should be introduced with a very small portion in order to monitor the reaction of the child's body. Here are food and meal options that can be introduced as complementary foods from 7 months.

How to feed a child from 7 months
How to feed a child from 7 months

1. Canned puree (baby food) from potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, zucchini. The presence of rice and buckwheat porridge is allowed. And also - fruit puree and fruit juices for children.

2. Vegetable puree. Cook the potatoes and puree them with a blender. Add carrots and parsley and chop again in a blender.

3. Egg yolk. It should be added in small portions to vegetable puree no more than 2 times a week. Do not forget that the egg is a strong allergen, therefore, carefully monitor the condition of the child.

4. Milk cereals (rice, buckwheat, oat and semolina). Cook all cereals in milk with a little sugar. If the child is allergic to milk, then boil the porridge in water, and add a little fruit puree before giving it to the child.

5. Rabbit and veal. Boil the meat until tender, grind in a blender and dilute with broth. Serve as a separate meal or mix with vegetable puree.

6. Vegetable oil (olive or sunflower) and butter. Add to puree in small portions (no more than 1 teaspoon).

7. Children's kefir and curd without fruit additives. It is advisable to take kefir and curd from the dairy kitchen. If you heat children's kefir in a water bath, curd will collect on top, which you will let the child try.

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