How To Feed A Baby At 6 Months

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How To Feed A Baby At 6 Months
How To Feed A Baby At 6 Months
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By the age of six months, breast milk does not always provide the grown-up baby's body with everything it needs. At this age, the child already needs more calories, proteins, mineral salts, iron. It's time to diversify his food.

How to feed a baby at 6 months
How to feed a baby at 6 months


Step 1

The first complementary foods are vegetable purees and cereals. Where to start, with vegetables or porridge? Make a choice based on the child's health at the time of the introduction of the new food. Start with porridge if your child is underweight or has unstable stools. Conversely, if you are overweight and have a tendency to constipation, start with vegetable puree.

Step 2

According to the degree of grinding, ready-made vegetable purees from manufacturers for six-month-old children are divided into homogenized (thoroughly rubbed, without a hint of lumps) and puree. Using fresh or frozen vegetables, you can make your own vegetable puree. Boil vegetables, then grind in a blender or using a regular crush.

Step 3

Serve mashed vegetables before breastfeeding (or formula) during the day. Try less allergenic foods first, such as squash, any kind of cabbage, potatoes. Later, you can offer carrots, pumpkins, beets. Watch out for allergic reactions.

Step 4

Spoon feed. Introduce complementary foods gradually - one vegetable per week. Start with one teaspoon a day and work up to 150g a week. Add vegetable or olive oil to the mashed potatoes. On the first day, just 1 drop, by the end of the week, bring to one teaspoon per day per serving of vegetable puree.

Step 5

It can be difficult for a child to switch to an unsweetened vegetable after sweet breast milk. If your kid does not like some vegetable, do not force him to eat. Just offer the same in 3-4 weeks.

Step 6

Two weeks after the baby gets used to the vegetable puree, start introducing porridge (and vice versa). Dry milk porridges are very convenient, since they already contain basic vitamins, calcium, iron and minerals. You can cook it yourself, but grind the cereal in a coffee grinder first.

Step 7

Start with rice, corn, or buckwheat porridge. Boil one type of cereal. After a week, try a different kind, after three weeks you can switch to porridge from a mixture of cereals. Add melted butter.

Step 8

The baby's diet at 6 months: 6.00 - breastfeeding (milk mixture). 10.00 - one of the milk cereals - 150 ml, 30–40 ml of water or compote. 14.00 - vegetable puree - 150 ml, 30–40 ml of water or compote. 18.00 - breastfeeding (formula milk). 22.00 - breastfeeding (formula milk). Night feeding - on demand.

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