How To Start Potting A Baby

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How To Start Potting A Baby
How To Start Potting A Baby

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A baby in the first year of life does not yet see the connection between natural needs and wet pants. Nor does he know how to keep his pants dry and clean. He just feels that he is uncomfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to teach him to the pot. This is an important stage not only in his socialization, but also in his mental development. He learns to do the same as adults. At the same time, he develops the ability to establish cause-and-effect relationships.

How to start potting a baby
How to start potting a baby

It is necessary

  • - a pot;
  • - spare linen.


Step 1

Do not put your toddler in the pot until he learns to sit on his own. An eight-month-old baby is quite capable of this, and some even earlier. But you can start teaching neatness without a pot. Watch your baby. It is possible that he somehow externally manifests his needs for urination and defecation. He can make sounds, strain, etc.

Step 2

If you notice signs that your baby is ready to do his thing, unwrap him and remove the diaper. The first "pot" can be, for example, an oilcloth. The kid, of course, will not yet understand why he was deployed at this moment, but he will begin to form a reflex that he should not write or poop in diapers. Do the same if the child wakes up dry. At 6-7 months, you can start "planting" the baby some time after feeding. A child who is used to being neat usually perceives the pot as something natural. This item simply replaces the usual oilcloth or diaper.

Step 3

For a baby in the first year of life, a plastic pot is more suitable than a metal one. Just because it is always warm. The procedure should not cause any negative emotions.

Step 4

If you did not teach your baby to send his needs in a specially designated place until the moment of landing on the pot, first give up diapers. Wear them only for a walk and at night.

Step 5

Place your child on the potty after sleep if he got up dry. You can do this after the walk. Any other moment will do when you know for sure that it's time for your baby to go to the toilet. Don't let him sit on the pot for too long. Five minutes is quite enough for urinating, and even for a more serious matter. Do not forget to praise the crumb if everything worked out right for him. Form a positive attitude towards such a natural process for any living being.

Step 6

If your baby has more or less regular bowel movements in the first year of life, put him on the pot at the same time. You will be very successful very quickly, even if the child does not yet understand what to ask for. He will get used to it gradually. If you say how great he is, be sure that in a few days the child will more consciously try to earn your praise by giving a sign that you understand.

Step 7

Never put your child on the potty after he has got his pants dirty. First, it is useless. If the baby has just done his business, then the next time he will want to use the toilet only after a while. Secondly, he will begin to perceive such your actions as punishment, and this does not contribute to a positive attitude towards the process.

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