How To Cultivate Perseverance In A Child

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How To Cultivate Perseverance In A Child
How To Cultivate Perseverance In A Child

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A diligent child is a parent's dream. Such children, besides the fact that they always carry out the work begun to the end, also have good attention. It must be understood that perseverance and attentiveness - qualities closely related to each other, are formed during the child's life, and are not given to him from birth. And it is necessary to develop them in a baby from a very early age.

How to cultivate perseverance in a child
How to cultivate perseverance in a child


Step 1

Do not give your child many toys at once, let there be 2-3, but show him how you can play with each one. The abundance of toys for the development of a child is not the best. A wide variety will only distract his attention. Let there be fewer of them, but they will have not only entertaining, but also developmental character, be of value to the child. If you still pamper your baby with toys, then leave two or three to play, and remove the rest for a while, and then swap them.

Step 2

As the baby grows up, do drawing and modeling with him. These activities require concentration and are a good way to develop perseverance.

Step 3

When choosing games and exercises, take into account their compliance with the characteristics and age of the child. Some children take their time to collect blocks, studying every detail, while others can do it very quickly. The main thing is that the kid completes the task to the end, and does not abandon it, and then put all the toys in their places: put the cubes, plasticine in the box, rinse the brush, remove the paints, etc.

Step 4

Encourage games that require perseverance and attention. There are many such games, for example, construction. The child learns to work according to the model, begins to understand that in order to achieve a result, it is necessary to work patiently and carefully. Various puzzles, tasks containing hidden meaning, role-playing games, embroidery, applique will also help the child.

Step 5

Children really like the tasks like "Find the Difference". Show the child two pictures, invite them to look at them and spot the differences. And vice versa - show a card with the image of several figures so that he finds two identical among them.

Step 6

While playing with your child, explain and show him how to complete the tasks. Your joint activity awakens interest in the child and brings the family together.

Step 7

Of course, to develop perseverance and attention, it is not enough to complete one task or play one game. Work with your child systematically. At the same time, remember that the development of preschool children does not occur through tedious and boring activities and monotonous exercises, but through play.

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