How To Carry A Child In A Car

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How To Carry A Child In A Car
How To Carry A Child In A Car
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The appearance of a baby is always associated with hassle: you need to take care of the crib, stroller, nipples, bottles, and so on. The list is huge. But for some reason, a child car seat is the last one on this list. And this is very strange, because a child, even the smallest, needs special protection.

How to carry a child in a car
How to carry a child in a car


Step 1

There is a widespread misconception among parents that a baby should only be transported in their arms. Of course, this is how the child feels protected, but if the unexpected happens, then the mother simply will not be able to keep the baby. In American maternity hospitals, the administration may well prohibit the transport of a child without a special cradle. In our country, the responsibility for the safety of the child rests entirely with the parents. Unfortunately, sad statistics show that parents have to pay too much for their carelessness: if everyone used a special car furniture for babies, child mortality in accidents could be reduced by 70%.

Step 2

If you think that buying a special cradle for a child first, and then a chair is too expensive, buy a combined chair. Such equipment can first be used in a reclining / reclining position, placing it with its back to the movement, and then, when the child grows a little, set it up while sitting in the usual direction. However, in no case take an ordinary chair with the expectation of growth. Until the child grows to the age for which it is designed, he will be in danger.

Step 3

Carrying a child from birth in special equipment automatically removes the problem of getting used to the chair. Children 2-3 years old who have never ridden in a chair will be very problematic to seat in it. In this case, you need to gradually get used to sitting in it. Use it at home: have your child sit on it while eating, watching TV, and so on.

Step 4

When the child is already sitting in the chair, it is important to keep him busy and distract him. Try to choose the shortest routes so that the child does not get tired and does not start to harm, while be sure to fasten yourself - this will be a very weighty argument for the child so as not to whine about the belts.

Step 5

To teach your child to follow the rules, never break them yourself. We have already talked about the belt. The same applies to all other rules. There should be no exceptions. If the baby is tired and ravenous - in no case unfasten either your or his belt while driving. It is better to stop, get out of the car, warm up and then drive on, wearing your seat belt again.

Step 6

Don't let your little one stick their hands out of the window. From his side, the window may not be open at all. Many tragic cases occur for the reason that a child first sticks out the window, and then his head.

Step 7

Always carry your child in the back seat only. It is the safest.

Step 8

Do not leave your baby in a closed car alone under any pretext, even if you turn off the engine and open all the windows. The temperature inside the cabin, especially in summer, is much higher than outside. Even 5 minutes of a child's stay in an overheated cabin will be more than enough for him to grab a severe heatstroke.

Step 9

Never carry a child in your arms with one common harness. In the event of a collision, you simply crush it with your weight.

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