How To Sew An Envelope In A Stroller

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How To Sew An Envelope In A Stroller
How To Sew An Envelope In A Stroller

Video: How To Sew An Envelope In A Stroller

Video: How To Sew An Envelope In A Stroller
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Everyone knows about the benefits of sleeping in the fresh air, and mothers try to walk with their child as much as possible. At the same time, it is very important that the baby in the stroller does not freeze, because, unlike an older child, he lies motionless. The stroller needs to be insulated, and for this it is best to make an envelope. It can be sewn, for example, from an unnecessary fur coat, even a nursery will do. If you don't have fur at hand to use, make a flannel envelope with padding polyester.

How to sew an envelope in a stroller
How to sew an envelope in a stroller

It is necessary

  • -old fur coat;
  • -from 1, 8 to 3, 6 m flannel, depending on the width;
  • - linen elastic band;
  • -sewing machine;
  • - needles, threads, scissors;
  • - paper for patterns.


Step 1

Measure the inside of the stroller. The envelope should fit freely in it and not wrap around the edges. Draw a rectangle on the paper with sides equal to the length and width of the envelope. Draw a pocket pattern. It is a rectangle, the width of which is equal to the width of the inside of the stroller, and the length is at your discretion. You can make a pocket only for the baby's legs, or you can make it long so that only the head looks out.

Step 2

Cut out the parts from the material from which you will sew. If you are making a fur envelope, you need to make 1 piece of "mattress", 1 piece of a pocket from fur and one piece from fabric. Don't forget about allowances. For an all-fabric envelope, make 2 pieces each. Cut out the details from the padding polyester. Their number depends on the number of layers.

Step 3

Determine which side the fur will be on. It is most convenient to make the envelope with the fur on the outside, and trim the seamy side with fabric. If there is a soft pad, it won't get any worse. Fold the pocket pieces right-side up. Sweep one of the short sides.

Step 4

Fold the resulting blank with the wrong sides to each other. Iron the seam of a fabric envelope; for a fur envelope, this is not necessary. Baste and sew a line about 2 cm from the existing seam. You have a drawstring. Slide a piece of elastic into it. Secure it with tailor's pins 4-5 cm from the edges.

Step 5

Fold the mattress pieces right-side up. If you are making an envelope with insulation, then first fasten the layers with several stitches. Apply insulation to the wrong side of one of the rectangles and sweep away the details.

Step 6

Baste and sew one of the short sides of the rectangle and two of the long ones to where the top of the pocket will be. Turn right over and press on the seams. Press the unsealed cuts into the product.

Step 7

Insert the sections of the pocket between the layers of the "mattress". Sweep and stitch along the right side at a distance of about 0.5 cm from the edge. Pull the top of the pocket with an elastic band a little, baste the ends of the elastic to the side edges of the pocket. Tuck them into the side seams and topstitch.