How To Choose A Kangaroo For Your Baby

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How To Choose A Kangaroo For Your Baby
How To Choose A Kangaroo For Your Baby

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The kangaroo backpack is one of the most popular types of carriers for babies that give mom freedom of movement. At the same time, the child feels safe, while walking, he feels the warmth and protection of an adult. Pediatricians advise to buy "kangarushki" for children after six months, when there will be a minimum load on the spine of the crumbs. However, you can choose a backpack for a young baby, stopping at a special model.

How to choose a kangaroo for your baby
How to choose a kangaroo for your baby


Step 1

When looking for a kangaroo, first of all, you need to remember that the design of the carrying bag should mimic the hands of an adult. This means that in a backpack, the child should feel protected. Today you can buy a kangaroo for babies from birth, depending on age, the bag will assume the baby is lying or sitting - facing or with his back to his mother.

Step 2

For the smallest, a universal type kangaroo will be a suitable option. In such backpacks, it is necessary to carry babies lying down, because the spine of the "passenger" is not yet strong, it should not be subjected to stress. Universal kangaroos are required to have rollover insurance. It is convenient when the "3 in 1" backpacks are equipped with a hood - it will also protect the child from possible falls.

Step 3

For babies over 3 months old, a kangaroo with a soft headrest is the best choice. Babies at this age have not yet grown stronger for long walks, and if the mother is uncomfortable carrying the baby in a sitting position, the baby will sleep in a half-sitting position. To keep the baby comfortable, kangaroos for this age provide additional support on the sides and back.

Step 4

For babies from six months, you can choose a backpack in which the child can look in front. Carries "facing away from you" allow the baby to explore the world around him. To ensure the correct fit, kangaroos for babies from 6 months are provided with wide seats with soft bolsters. In the seat, the baby's legs should not become numb or freeze, it is good if the backpack has additional leg restraints.

Step 5

When buying a kangaroo for children of any age, you should not purchase a model for growth. Such savings can adversely affect the condition of the spine, if the back of the bag does not fit snugly against the back of the child, curvature and other pathologies may develop.

Step 6

Pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the completeness of carrying - this function is relevant in any season. You will be able to choose the degree of freedom of the backpack, taking into account how dense the layer of the child's clothing will be. Evaluate the materials from which the "kangaroo" is made. It is desirable that these were natural fabrics; the presence of all kinds of pockets for the necessary things, ventilation is also welcomed.

Step 7

When choosing a kangaroo, do not forget about your own comfort. To make it easier to carry your child, you should take a backpack with crossed straps. Such structures are anatomical, the load will be evenly distributed. A good choice would be a bag with adjustable front straps, then you can adjust their position even on the road.

Step 8

When looking for a kangaroo, check if the model you like is suitable for frequent washings. You can also save time on carrying care by purchasing a backpack with a water-repellent top. An excellent choice would be a fold-out backpack, in which it is easy to put your baby or move him to the changing table with a minimum of effort.

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