The Most Harmful Filler For A Baby Bed

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The Most Harmful Filler For A Baby Bed
The Most Harmful Filler For A Baby Bed
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Very often we succumb to fashion trends without thinking about safety and consequences. Recently, most modern mothers have begun to use protective boards for their babies' beds. Have they ever wondered what danger these bumpers can conceal for their beloved child, if they contain foam rubber?

Child safety comes first
Child safety comes first

We all know about him since the days of the USSR. Remember, it was everywhere, wherever it could be applied: in sofas, pillows, mattresses, naturally in construction. How can this be? This material is used in construction work and is used for household needs, namely for sleep …

It will be about the very POROLON that mothers love to use for a children's bed.


What is foam rubber?

It is like a sponge, resilient, soft foam because it is composed of polyurethane. For me personally, only one word "polyurethane" already raises many doubts and an unpleasant bell in my head.

Read carefully this dictum: “There is confirmed evidence that foam rubber really does release a lot of harmful substances when burning in an open flame. But whether the concentration of volatile components is sufficient to cause harm at rest is still unknown."

Here's how! And since it is not known, irresponsible manufacturers will stuff everything and everyone with this filler, without worrying at all how your children will feel surrounded by this terrible material.

You yourself have probably buried your nose in a foam rubber product more than once !? So how? Do you remember this disgusting smell? Now you have a bell in your head?

You start to doubt and want to know for sure whether it is harmful or not … I propose to understand this issue in detail.


1. Due to its structure, it is lightweight.

2. Will not ignite on its own (until a flame source appears).

3. Very cheap material, therefore it is very profitable for manufacturers.

4. Very high level of vapor and moisture resistance

5. Low thermal conductivity.

6. Due to its low cost, it is beneficial for consumers (products are sold at an acceptable, affordable price for anyone who wants to).

7. Does not wrinkle and quickly restores its shape.

Looking at such advantages, only one thought comes to mind: "This is the ideal basis for the production of moisture and heat-insulating materials, in construction it is an irreplaceable material!"

What do children have to do with it?


That's right, in the question with children, there are huge disadvantages.


1. After washing, products with such a filler dry for a long time.

2. Foam rubber does not tolerate long-term contact with water.

3. Destroyed by direct sunlight.

4. No matter how you wash them or ventilate them, a specific smell will remind you of its existence.

These are still flowers! Now about delicious berries …


Most mothers want her child to grow up in comfort and beauty, so there is a tendency to decorate (protect) the crib with bumpers (shockproof, protection, etc.). Since a huge amount of these products is now presented on the market, the eyes run up from the variety of price and quality. I advise you to be careful when choosing foam products.


Sleeping for a baby among the sides filled with foam rubber is not just harmful, it is DANGEROUS! The concentration of harmful substances in the air near these sides is so high, and you will still put your child in the very epicenter. "Breathe deeply, beloved baby, at least in the future we will provide you with oncology!"

What about 100% SECURITY?

Children love to pick everything that is picked! Children tear the sides, take out foam rubber, stuff it into their noses, then into their ears, etc. Unfortunately, parents often notice very late what could be the cause of the baby's illness. The result, rotting, fever, malaise, complications of the child's health. Foam rubber crumbles very easily, especially if it is old.You can simply pat the product with foam rubber and you will feel small crumbs from it on the fabric.

Dear parents, take care of the health of your children!

Take care of your little ones.

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