What Names Should Not Be Given To Children

What Names Should Not Be Given To Children
What Names Should Not Be Given To Children

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In Russia, a law has been passed, according to which it is forbidden to call children with words that contradict common sense. Also, Article 58 of the Family Code indicates that you cannot give a child a name containing non-Russian symbols, obscene language and honorary titles such as Tsar, Queen, Princess, God or Patriarch. Otherwise, parents are given freedom of action when choosing children's names, but there are unspoken requirements that must be borne in mind.

Baby's name
Baby's name

When choosing a full name for a future or newborn baby, abbreviations, Christian or pagan traditions, beliefs, various taboos and fears should be taken into account. You should also remember about the prohibition on divine names (Christ, Allah, Jehovah) out of respect for the Higher powers. This will already be considered blasphemy among Christians or Muslims, will cause misunderstanding, denial among people.

Another important taboo when choosing a name for a child is the desire to name the baby with references related to the forces of evil, mysticism, witchcraft. Anyone who, due to some of his own ambitions or kooky, decides to give his son the name Devil, Magician, Lucifer, Shaman or something similar, he will consciously attract negativity into the life of a newborn.

There are several other important prohibitions that are not spelled out in the law, but which take place when choosing a name for a child. And it is better to follow these rules so as not to make the baby's future unhappy.

  • You should not call a child by the names of famous mythical, mythological heroes, gods. Most often, these are names such as Orpheus, Hercules, Hercules, Ophelia, Aphrodite, Aurora. Firstly, there will be questions, jokes, ridicule among peers, teachers, colleagues in the future, and secondly, the name can strongly influence fate, making a person an outcast, a loser.
  • Also, the names popular in the USSR associated with historical important events and eras will sound funny and ridiculous. It was earlier in the Soviet Union that illiterate parents used to shout among themselves, inventing strange combinations: Kukutsapol ("Kukuruza - the queen of the fields"), Stalen ("Stalin and Lenin"). Now this sounds at least strange, evoking the sympathy of contemporaries. However, there are still creatives in registry offices who come up with different abbreviations. For example, Vlapunal ("Vladimir Putin is our leader"), Medmiya ("Dmitry Medvedev"). Such limited personalities break the child's fate, making him then the object of ridicule, discussions on social networks.
  • You should not take an example from other nations, the same Americans, Chinese, who call children any words that come to mind - the names of fruits (Apple, Cherry), states, cities (Georgia, Amsterdam, York), even cars or sweets, food (Ford, Cheese, Milk). In Russian registry offices, sometimes such persons are also found, and employees have no right to prohibit them from doing this. So then children with the names Putin, Russia, Spring, Wind, River, Dolphin grow in our wilderness or in cities with a population of over one million. It will be difficult to call these boys and girls happy and contented with life.

Of course, choosing a name for a child is a very responsible and important step, but you shouldn't go crazy, be creative and invent something beyond. Even the usual foreign names of famous hockey players, singers, figure skaters or presidents in combination with a Russian patronymic and surname will sound like a mockery. And those people who grew up thanks to short-sighted relatives named Serena Petrovna Smirnova, George Ivanov or Arnold Vasilyevich Pupkin, hardly consider their names to be so sounding, superb and attracting good luck.

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