How School Helps The Family

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How School Helps The Family
How School Helps The Family

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Although the institution of the family is going through hard times for a number of reasons, the family still performs several important functions, primarily reproductive, ensuring the reproduction of the population.

How school helps the family
How school helps the family

How does the school help the family

A very important function of the family is educational. Parents or older brothers and sisters teach kids the basics of knowledge (for example, teach them to read and write). But even the most diligent, loving and conscientious parents cannot do without school when teaching and raising their children.

The times when it was enough for a person to master some craft, as well as to be literate and be able to count, are long gone. To get a good job, to make a career, you need to have extensive and versatile knowledge that is simply impossible to get in a family. Very rare exceptions do not change this rule. Even if the parents themselves are highly qualified specialists in a certain field or teachers, they, with all their desire, will be able to give their child only a part of the necessary knowledge and skills. Therefore, the main role in the education of the growing generation is played by the school. Especially in cases where teachers not only deeply know their subjects, but also know how to present educational material in an interesting and exciting way.

The school also plays an important role in the upbringing of children. Of course, the main responsibility for how the child grows up lies with the parents. Therefore, those fathers and mothers who self-confidently declare: “We are working, we have no time to look after the children, let them be brought up at school!” Make a big mistake. Nevertheless, the influence of teachers on the behavior and the developing character of the child is beyond doubt. It is in the school with its clear schedule, discipline, and subordination that children learn to observe generally accepted rules, to behave in a team, to correlate their interests with common interests, to communicate with the people around them. Of course, the child observes the same rules of behavior in the family, but it is one thing to communicate with a narrow circle of the closest people, and quite another - with dozens (if not hundreds) of strangers!

The school teaches children to reasonable discipline, to the need to obey teachers and school administration. These skills will be useful to them in an independent life.

How family and school relationships should be built

Ideally, the parent-teacher relationship should take the form of patient and respectful collaboration. After all, both sides have one goal - to raise and educate a worthy person and citizen. But in practice, unfortunately, this is not always the case, because sometimes parents accuse teachers of non-teaching.

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