How To Raise A One Year Old Child

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How To Raise A One Year Old Child
How To Raise A One Year Old Child

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The motto of a one-year-old baby is “I want to know everything”, as well as see, touch and taste. The child develops by leaps and bounds, he not only learns to walk and speak, but also actively learns the world around him.

How to raise a one year old child
How to raise a one year old child


Step 1

The first years of life are very important for the development of a little fidget, so spend more time with your baby. Draw together, sculpt from plasticine - this develops fine motor skills, imagination and creative thinking of the child. Buy educational toys for your baby: blocks, a pyramid, construction set and puzzles with large parts.

Step 2

Conduct all activities in a fun game. A one-year-old baby still cannot concentrate on any one activity for a long time, do not force him, switch the child's attention to another useful type of activity. Distraction works well in cases of whims, take this tactic into your arsenal, it is better to distract the little whim than to shout and get angry at him.

Step 3

Teach your toddler the basics of polite communication. Play story games with him. Simulate several situations: "A bunny is walking in the forest and sees a hedgehog, what should he say to the hedgehog when he meets?" With the help of toys, play out many different instructive stories, because thanks to such games, the child learns the world around him and learns to draw conclusions.

Step 4

Read the little good and good poems and fairy tales, where evil is punished, and good always wins. Just choose simple and short stories, it is still difficult for a kid at this age to perceive long and complex works. Explain to your child that being greedy is bad, it is much more fun and more interesting to share toys with a friend and play together in one common game.

Step 5

On a walk, allow your little one to touch flowers and grass, dig in the sand for pleasure, and even pet a neighbor's cat. Do not try to protect your child from “all the joys of life,” let him develop under your sensitive guidance and learn the world around him in all its manifestations.

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