How To Confirm The Citizenship Of A Child

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How To Confirm The Citizenship Of A Child
How To Confirm The Citizenship Of A Child

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Sometimes, in order for a child to be able to use health care, education, social security or any other social services, it is necessary that he be a citizen of our country. How can you prove your citizenship without a passport?

How to confirm the citizenship of a child
How to confirm the citizenship of a child

It is necessary

  • - international passport;
  • - parent's passport;
  • - birth certificate.


Step 1

In the event that your child has not reached the age of fourteen, confirm the identity and citizenship with the help of his diplomatic, foreign or service passport of a Russian citizen, as well as the passport of one of the parents who are Russian citizens, including diplomatic, foreign or official, in which there is information about him.

Step 2

Remember, the confirmation will also be a birth certificate, which contains information about the Russian citizenship of one of the parents or both, regardless of the place of birth of the child, or data that one parent is a citizen of Russia, and the other is a foreigner or stateless person. But keep in mind, if one of the parents is a foreign citizen, the child's certificate must be issued in Russia. On the form, make a mark confirming the existence of citizenship, certified by the signature of the official and the appropriate seal.

Step 3

Try another way to verify your child's identity. To do this, contact the competent authorities of a foreign state with a request to put a mark with a translation into Russian in the document on registration of the birth of a child. Be aware that only the federal authorities that exercise control in the field of migration, or its territorial bodies, as well as the consular office or the consular department of the diplomatic mission of Russia, have the right to put this mark.

Step 4

Do not forget that you can also certify citizenship by a mark made on a birth certificate issued in Russia by the migration authorities or consular office. And also with the help of an insert to a document issued by the competent authority of a foreign state, to certify the act of registration of the birth of a child or to a birth certificate confirming the presence of Russian citizenship before February 6, 2007.

Step 5

Keep in mind that if your child was born on the territory of the Russian Federation after July 1, 2002 and his birth certificate indicates that one or both of his parents are Russian citizens, there is no need to confirm citizenship, since he is automatically recognized as a Russian.

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