Where To Buy Natural Yogurt For A Child

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Where To Buy Natural Yogurt For A Child
Where To Buy Natural Yogurt For A Child

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Yogurt is one of the tastiest and healthiest foods, of course, provided it is real. Due to its sweet taste and delicate texture, this fermented milk product is very popular with children. And any age.

Where to buy natural yogurt for a child
Where to buy natural yogurt for a child

The name "yoghurt" in translation from Turkish means "condensed". Yogurt was invented by accident. Nomads transported milk in wineskins under the scorching sun. The heat, shaking and bacteria from the fur of animals did their job - after such a trip, the milk fermented, mixed well and turned into a thick drink. True, he was sour. People learned to make sweet yogurt later.

In Russia, yogurt appeared in the 1920s. Since then, it has been in almost every refrigerator. There is a lot of controversy about such a product: some are sure of its absolute benefits, others argue that there are many preservatives in yogurt, which makes it harmful.

Indeed, modern industry widely uses various preservatives and dyes in the manufacture of yoghurt to increase its shelf life. However, they are all allowed by the standard.

Where to buy natural yogurt

Natural yogurt is understood as a fermented milk drink that contains only 2 products in its composition: milk and sourdough. There should not be any other additives in it. The shelf life of such yogurt is no more than 5 days, ideally only one. After all, lactobacilli do not live long.

You can buy natural yogurt, but you have to try. Today there are a number of outlets that market themselves as health food stores. They offer consumers such live yoghurts, the shelf life of which is fully consistent with the standard.

Such yoghurts can include berries and fruits. Only they should be natural, and this should be marked on the label.

It should be borne in mind that the cost of such yogurt will be more expensive than what can be purchased in regular stores. But if you compare two products - the standard version and the one offered by health food stores - the difference will be noticeable right away. Natural yoghurt has a rich and rich taste and a more delicate texture than the industrial version. But be prepared for the fact that the child may at first refuse to eat such a product - for him it may seem sour.

Take a close look at the hypermarket dairy shelves. Modern suppliers are following the trend, albeit in small quantities, but still supplying natural products to large stores. The price for them will be even slightly higher than in a specialty health food store.

Natural yogurt can also be purchased online. After all, many farms have already made a choice in favor of online stores, rather than stationary points. This way they save on rent, salespeople salaries, etc. As a rule, representatives of farms located near a large city begin to engage in such trade. After all, their products are perishable, and the delivery area should not be too wide.

Alternatively, you can go out of town, find a farmer on your own and negotiate purchases with him. So, the price for yogurt may be lower. However, it should be borne in mind that you are at risk. Indeed, in all of the above options, farm products are controlled. And with an independent agreement, you will have to take our word for it.

You shouldn't neglect checks. After all, infections that are transmitted through milk can be quite serious.

How to determine if natural yogurt is in front of you

Be sure to read the packaging carefully. It should not contain a whole list of products used in the manufacture of yoghurt. Ideally, there could be only 3 items: milk, sourdough, and fruit or berries.

If the label contains dyes, preservatives or various E, it is better to refrain from such a purchase.

If you are in doubt about the quality of any commercial yoghurt, you can make it yourself. Today there are special devices - yogurt makers or multicooker with yogurt function. You will need milk and plain thick yogurt without additives. Mix them together and place in the device or just ferment in the heat. It takes about 9-10 hours to cook homemade yogurt.

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