What To Buy For A Child For Kindergarten

What To Buy For A Child For Kindergarten
What To Buy For A Child For Kindergarten

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Despite the fact that the kindergarten always has everything necessary for a child to stay there, some things still have to be purchased. After all, a kindergarten is a place where a child is left alone for the first time, without parents, which means that he must be ready for all unforeseen situations and feel comfortable.

What to buy for a child for kindergarten
What to buy for a child for kindergarten

Mostly clothing will be needed to go to the garden. All kindergarten items must meet several criteria. First, it should be easy to unfasten, fasten, take off and put on. If the baby is not yet friends with lacing, buy shoes with Velcro, if he does not know how to fasten a zipper, then there will be much less fuss with buttons. This will make it easier for your child, if he is already dressing himself, and for nannies, if there is a need to dress the child.

Secondly, the child should be comfortable in clothes for the kindergarten. Nothing should hinder movement, rub or interfere.

Choose clothes for the kindergarten that are easy to wash, and, by the way, wash them more often - an empty child always looks clean, neat and tidy.

And, of course, be sure to sign all the child's things - sew on special labels with the name and surname so as not to lose anything.

So, if you are collecting a boy in kindergarten, then in his locker in kindergarten there should always be:

- T-shirt or T-shirt

- Turtleneck

- Sweater

- Shorts or breeches, with an elastic band, not a button

- Cotton tights

For grouping, it is best to choose comfortable slippers with a heel or soft, lightweight Velcro sneakers.

For girls, the set is almost the same, but you will also need a light dress or sundress.

For physical education you will need a sports uniform. In some kindergartens it is issued, you will only need to wash it regularly at home. You also need Czech women - both for physical education and for music lessons.

Let there always be clean socks in the locker, and spare underpants and shorts for babies who can describe themselves.

For walking in cold weather, you need mittens, best of all with an elastic band - so it is much more difficult to lose them.

Other necessary things are a comb, elastic bands and hairpins for girls with long hair, a favorite toy, especially for children who are just starting to go to kindergarten.

In general, the teacher should give you a similar list before the child starts going to kindergarten. He must inform you when you need to buy something else.

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