How To Arrange A Children's Matinee

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How To Arrange A Children's Matinee
How To Arrange A Children's Matinee

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Any holiday for a child is essentially a matinee, because it is held most often in the morning. The organization of the matinee should be taken very seriously, think over all the little things and do not forget about the beautiful design of the place.

How to arrange a children's matinee
How to arrange a children's matinee

Once Stanislavsky said: "For children, you need to play the same way as for adults, only better." This rule can be fully applied to the organization and decoration of the holiday. After all, children, unlike adults, can get very upset if something goes wrong.

Matinee in kindergarten

A festive matinee in kindergarten should be bright and cheerful. Think over the scenario of the event, including the children in the process. Learn rhymes or roles in the play with them in advance. Children will be happy not only to watch the performance from the outside, but also to take part in it.

Particular attention should be paid to the design of the matinee. Traditionally, children's party is associated with balloons. You can make an arch from colorful balls or various figures. Scatter balloons inflated with regular air on the floor. Kids will be happy to kick and toss them. Tie long strings to the helium balloons and release them to the ceiling.

Painted flowers, suns, etc. can be used as decorations. Draw them on thick paper with bright colors, cut out and hang them on walls, curtains and doors.

Children's party at home

If the design of the matinee in the kindergarten is mainly done by the employees, then the preparation for the holiday at home is completely on the shoulders of the parents.

If the balloons become boring, replace them with large, brightly colored corrugated paper pom-poms. They are made very simply, like ordinary pom-poms made of threads: fold the paper with an accordion, tie it in the center with threads, cut on the sides and stir, giving the shape of a ball. Such pom-poms can be hung from the ceiling or decorate trees if the holiday is outside.

An obligatory attribute of a children's party is multi-colored streamers. They can be made of paper or fabric in the form of flags. Attach colorful triangles to the satin ribbon. If the holiday is themed, for example, a child's birthday, you can write “Happy birthday!” On the garland.

An original idea for decorating a birthday - a homemade number in a frame. It can be made from paper, satin ribbons, beads, buttons and sequins. Turn on your imagination, glue or embroider it on fabric, cardboard, designer paper.

So that the kids can have a free snack while playing, make a sweet table somewhere in the corner of the room. Lay a beautiful tablecloth, tie balloons, decorate the table to your liking.

Place cupcakes, muffins, cookies on colorful plates. Decorate baby juice bottles with homemade holiday labels. Pour colored M & M's into the glass vases.

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