How To Arrange A Children's Newspaper

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How To Arrange A Children's Newspaper
How To Arrange A Children's Newspaper

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You don't need to be a professional publisher to design a children's newspaper. All you need is imagination, skillful hands and some free time. Be sure to involve children in joint creativity. Let them be the main authors, and you just help to arrange the work beautifully.

How to arrange a children's newspaper
How to arrange a children's newspaper

It is necessary

  • 1. Whatman paper;
  • 2. markers and colored pencils;
  • 3. a simple pencil, ruler and eraser;
  • 4. a stencil with letters of different sizes;
  • 5. photographs of children;
  • 6. beautiful pictures cut from magazines;
  • 7. beads, sequins, tinsel for decoration;
  • 8. scissors and all-purpose glue.


Step 1

To make a children's newspaper, you will need a sheet of white Whatman paper. If the paper was rolled into a roll, put it under the oppression for 10-15 minutes. When the sheet is straightened, it will be much easier for you to work with it.

Step 2

Then you need to draw on a Whatman paper a plan for the future newspaper. With a simple pencil, mark the places where the pictures will be pasted, where you plan to insert photos, and where the text will be.

Step 3

Leave enough space for the title of the newspaper. It must be written at the top of the Whatman paper in the largest font you have available.

Step 4

Entrust the choice of the name of the newspaper to the children. An inquisitive childish mind is able to come up with an endless number of unusual, funny headlines.

Step 5

Think carefully about the content of the newspaper. What will it be about? If you are preparing a children's party, select the appropriate content for the tabloid. It can be anecdotes, cartoon songs, funny poems. Everything that children will be interested in reading.

Step 6

You can prepare a newspaper for an intellectual competition between toddlers. To do this, devote the main part of the publication to riddles, puzzles, crosswords. Come up with logical tasks. Give memorable gifts to all the winners of the tournament, and consolation prizes to the losers.

Step 7

If you are preparing a newspaper for a child's birthday, devote most of the publication to the birthday person. Search or take funny photos. Create poems about your baby. Write wishes and congratulations in the newspaper. Part of whatman paper can be left blank. This must be done so that all invited children can leave their autographs on the newspaper and express warm feelings to the birthday boy.

Step 8

When designing your newspaper, use more colorful pictures. For example, when writing good wishes to a child, depict them. Near the advice to be kind and courageous, you can, for example, place a knight. And next to the wish for a good study is a diary with A's. You don't have to draw everything yourself, you can cut out suitable images from magazines.

Step 9

When you write all the necessary texts and paste all the pictures, the newspaper will need to be decorated. For this you need beads, sparkles, tinsel. You can simply stick these accessories on the large letters of the name, or you can decorate the corners of a newspaper, photographs, highlight especially important text. Here, full scope for your imagination opens up.

Step 10

After you've decorated the newspaper, let the glue dry. Then hang it where you can see it most. Such an original edition will be a decoration of any children's holiday.

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