How To Apply For A Boarding School

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How To Apply For A Boarding School
How To Apply For A Boarding School

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In some circumstances, it may be necessary for a parent or guardian to place a child in a boarding school. There are a number of conditions and procedures that must be followed for this.

How to apply for a boarding school
How to apply for a boarding school


Step 1

Prepare documents for registration of a child in a boarding school. In addition to his birth certificate and passport, if he has reached the age of 14, he will need to present his medical record, as well as a certificate of health. For children who need to be placed in a special boarding school, for example, in a neuropsychiatric one, a medical commission should be prepared on the assignment of disability to them or on the diagnosis, if their condition is not so serious. Additionally, you will need a certificate from the passport office about the state of the child's living space, in which he lives at the moment. Also useful are papers confirming the status of the child - a court decision on deprivation of parental rights, an act on the abandonment of the child.

Step 2

Contact your district education department and explain the situation to them. It is allowed to transfer to a boarding school not only children left without relatives, but also those whose mother or father found themselves in a difficult life situation. In this case, their rights to the child can be retained so that they can later pick it up. Write a statement addressed to management indicating the reasons for your action. The letter is written on behalf of parents or legal representatives.

Step 3

The district education department must issue a voucher for the child, according to which he will be sent to the boarding school. In some cases, legal proceedings are required, for example, if the parents do not agree with the decision of the guardianship and guardianship authorities.

Step 4

Proceed differently if you want to send your child not to a boarding school for orphans, but to a school with a permanent residence. It can be a school for future athletes or other gifted children. The rules for admission to such an educational institution depend on the particular school. Some are accepted based on the results of the Olympiads, while others are accepted after entrance exams. To enroll in sports boarding schools, it is required to pass standards for certain types of physical training, as well as the recommendation of coaches.

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