How To Calm An Excitable Child?

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How To Calm An Excitable Child?
How To Calm An Excitable Child?

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The hyperactivity of the child, the easy excitability of the child are quite common problems in modern families. It is very difficult with such children. But there are methods and techniques that will help the parents of an excitable child. These are simple yet powerful tips that you can use to combat your child's hyperactivity.

How to calm an excitable child?
How to calm an excitable child?


Step 1

Get your baby examined by a pediatrician and neurologist.

You definitely need to know that your child is healthy. And if this is not the case, then first of all, you must follow the instructions of the doctors. Everything that will be written below is related to a healthy child. I am not a doctor, but a young mother and I want to share my experience.

Step 2

Observe the regime.

Rhythm is a feature of the nervous system of any child. And excitable children are very sensitive to failures in the regime. Always put your baby to bed at about the same time; make sure he gets enough sleep at night too. If a child is too active, this does not necessarily mean that he has a lot of strength. Most likely, on the contrary, it speaks of exhaustion and overexcitation of the nervous system.

Step 3

Play with water.

Playing with water is very calming and teaches the child to concentrate. Equip a place in the apartment where the child can calmly and independently pour water. Arrange this place so as not to scold your baby once again for splashing. Perhaps it will be playing in the bathroom while bathing. Buy a good bathroom curtain so that your child's play is not limited by pouring water outside the bathroom.

Step 4

Waste your child's energy on a walk.

According to sanitary standards, a child must spend at least 4 hours a day on the street. This applies even more to easily excitable children. Buy your child a waterproof overalls and rubber boots to go for a walk in almost any weather. Take a ball for a walk, go to all the nearest playgrounds, look for active games for children on the Internet and play them on the street. A child should come from the street tired. Of course, at the same time you will also get tired, but then you will get a healthy sleep in the child.

Step 5

Have a soothing baby tea for dinner.

It's not a problem to buy such tea now, there is a huge selection of them in stores. Find something that your child will not be allergic to and that he or she likes. But remember, in order to have a result, it is better to drink such tea in a course of several days.

Step 6

Be sure to bathe your child at night. It is advisable to use a soothing foam or just an essential oil. Lavender or lemon balm is fine for this.

Step 7

Introduce rituals into your child's life. Especially the excitable child needs a bedtime ritual. For more information on what it is, read my article "What are rituals in raising a child and how to use them." Briefly - going to bed should always occur at the same time, observing approximately the same sequence of actions. For example, dinner, bathing, putting on pajamas, wishing "sound dreams", falling asleep.

Step 8

Exclude watching TV and playing computer games in the evening.

If you are accustomed to the TV "working in the background", then you better give up this habit. Better to read books, and let the child play quiet games or draw.

Step 9

With an already grown child, you can learn breathing exercises.

Nothing complicated is needed. Just breathe together at the expense, inhale with one nostril, and exhale with the other, for example. Breathing exercises will more effectively calm a raging toddler than your screaming and swearing. Remember, it is extremely difficult for a horny child to stop. Your comments will most likely have no effect. It is better to physically stop the child - by the shoulders, for example.

Step 10

Most importantly, be patient. All of the above methods begin to work with systemic use, there will be no result from one time.Be calm and confident, then the child will pick up your mood.

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