How To Teach A Child To Write Beautifully In Grade 1

How To Teach A Child To Write Beautifully In Grade 1
How To Teach A Child To Write Beautifully In Grade 1

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Many modern schoolchildren are not distinguished by the beauty and accuracy of their writing. Now many stores offer customers a huge assortment of all kinds of pens, formulas, notebooks and other things, and almost all schoolchildren have these goods at their disposal and willingly use them, but their handwriting is not getting any better.

How to teach a child to write beautifully in grade 1
How to teach a child to write beautifully in grade 1

If you want your child to write beautifully and accurately at school, then you need to prepare for this in advance and, upon reaching the kid of five years, begin to actively engage with him. It is very important to understand that not all tasks can be obtained from him at first, but in no case should you scold and punish him. On the contrary, your support and the words "next time everything will definitely work out" will positively affect the child's desire for further activities.

If the child initially holds a pencil or pen incorrectly, then be sure to correct this from the first lessons, since over time it will be much more difficult to do this. In order to strengthen the fingers and hands in general, it is necessary to do exercises that develop fine motor skills daily.


1. Draw all kinds of shapes on a piece of paper and ask your child to carefully cut them out and make an applique out of them.

2. Purchase several coloring pages and give your child one or two entire pages to color in daily. The exercise "graphic dictation" develops very well fine motor skills of hands and at the same time attention. Take an ordinary piece of paper in a cage and step back a few cells from the edge, put a point. Think of a certain drawing and dictate to the child the direction of the lines, for example, a cell to the right, three cells down, two cells to the left, etc., as a result, the child should have a drawing on the sheet that you originally conceived.


3. Try to sculpt from plasticine every day, as well as make appliques or create all kinds of jewelry from beads and beads.

4. Give the child a piece of paper and a pen and ask him to draw certain signs in one line, for example, one line is dots, the second is hooks, the third is sticks, etc.

5. Many children love to collect all kinds of constructors. If your child is indifferent to such toys, then try to play with him. Perhaps the kid will like this game and in the future he will be eager to collect whole cities.

Once all the exercises mentioned above are good for your child, you can start forming a beautiful letter. Get a copybook in which you need to circle all kinds of shapes and letters in dotted dots and in a pattern (that is, one letter is written, and you need to continue writing it in a whole line). Offer your child 15-30 minutes a day to work in these notebooks every day.

Psychological attitude

In many ways, good handwriting depends on the emotionality of the child, his psychological state. Never scold the kid for the nerve lines, do not compare his achievements with other children, as this can lead to the fact that the child will lose all desire to learn. Praise your child for even the smallest accomplishments.

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