How To Teach A Left-handed Person To Write

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How To Teach A Left-handed Person To Write
How To Teach A Left-handed Person To Write

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More than 85% of the world's people are right-handed. Therefore, the vast majority of items and devices are made for them. If a baby is born left-handed, a slightly different approach is required.

How to teach a left-handed person to write
How to teach a left-handed person to write


Step 1

The most important thing is to understand that left-handedness is not a disadvantage, it is a feature of the body. Therefore, do not try to retrain a little left-handed person and do not force him to use his right hand - this is fraught with nervous breakdowns.

Step 2

Be sure to prepare your toddler for the majority of children to be right-handed in school.

Step 3

Be sure to be patient. Most likely, the child will need more time to learn to write than the right-handed.

Step 4

Try to get special items for left-handers (pencils, pens, scissors) from the stationery store. Manufacturers of such products, for example, fill in pens with quick-drying ink. This greatly facilitates the process of writing for children - ordinary left-handed ink smears due to the peculiarities of the position of the hand.

Step 5

Be sure to fix the kid's skill to hold a pencil or pen at a distance of no more than 4 centimeters from the tip. Many people generally believe that this is the main thing that a left-handed person should be taught when writing.

Step 6

Experienced teachers give tips on how to teach a left-handed person to write. To do this, put a sheet of paper in front of the child along the left hand and tilt to the right. Place the baby's hand in the same way as the right-handed hand is when writing. With this method, the left hand is in the position "above the line" and it becomes easier to write.

Step 7

Another method can be applied. Allow the child to turn the hand towards the chest, and place the sheet to the left of the little left-hander. But don't insist on this or that method. Perhaps your child will come up with some other writing method that is convenient for him.

Step 8

Many left-handers are known to try to write in mirror image. Draw the child's attention to this fact. Together with him, come up with visual images that will help him better remember how to write numbers or letters.

Step 9

It has also been proven that left-handed people have more difficulty in developing automatic skills. Therefore, patiently practice everyday skills with your child, such as tying shoelaces or buttoning. As a result, automatism will pass to writing.

Step 10

It is very likely that your left-handed child will never master the art of calligraphy. Do not scold him for poor handwriting - it is difficult for left-handers to write without separation, it is almost impossible to write with a tilt to the right due to the fact that the working hand covers what has already been written.

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