How To Prepare For The Birth Of Twins?

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How To Prepare For The Birth Of Twins?
How To Prepare For The Birth Of Twins?

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During pregnancy with twins, it is worth remembering that if you were able to conceive two children at once, then your body is ready for a double load and is quite capable of bearing and giving birth to two children at once, and then caring for them. At the same time, it should be understood that two children immediately pose a number of very difficult tasks for the mother, so during pregnancy it is worthwhile to properly prepare for the birth of twins.

Are twins easy?
Are twins easy?


Step 1

Agree to help you. Newborn twins require mother's attention around the clock, so discuss with your husband in advance what household chores he will take on. Talk to the future grandmothers of your kids, negotiate with them about help. If your husband is at work all the time, and grandmothers live in another city, then be sure to find yourself a nanny, at least for the first 3-4 months. After all, besides the fact that you will need to care for the twins, feed, bathe and walk with them, you will also need to cook, clean, wash, etc. If the financial capabilities of the family do not allow hiring a qualified nanny, you can hire a girl student who will come after couples for a couple of hours and help around the house, or with the children. If you have settled on the option of hiring someone to help, then find such a person at least a month before the expected due date. Remember, twins are often prematurely born! It is very important that after you return home from the hospital, a person is already waiting for you, ready to take on some of the responsibilities.

Step 2

Read articles, forums, chat with twin moms, find out how they coped with twins in the first years of their lives.

Step 3

Learn different ways to breastfeed 2 babies at once. Buy a twin nursing pillow, it will make you sleep more comfortable during pregnancy, and then it will make breastfeeding your twins easier.

Step 4

Explore the different tools that can make it easier for you to care for your newborn twins. These are slings, electric swing, double stroller, changing board, swimming circles for the neck, suction cup seats for the bath, etc.

Step 5

Explore the different gadgets that can make housekeeping easier for you. This is a washing machine - an automatic machine, a multicooker, a dishwasher, a robot vacuum cleaner, etc.

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