Childbirth In Water: Pros And Cons

Childbirth In Water: Pros And Cons
Childbirth In Water: Pros And Cons

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Water birth is an original procedure that is becoming more and more popular. Some pregnant women choose the procedure just because it is fashionable. Others are studying information about this method of childbirth and come to the conclusion that it will be better for them than traditional childbirth.

Childbirth in water: pros and cons
Childbirth in water: pros and cons

The process of childbirth in water is less painful for the mother. The child also tolerates unpleasant moments more easily when something squeezes and pushes him out. Of course, provided that the pregnancy itself was proceeding normally, and the mother and child are healthy.

This method of childbirth has both advantages and disadvantages. For those who still cannot decide, you need to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of the procedure in as much detail as possible - this will help in making a decision. If childbirth in water interests you as a tribute to fashion, it is better to refuse this method. Be sure to consult with your doctor supervising pregnancy - perhaps, for medical reasons, this will not be the best option for you.

Pros of water birth

A woman giving birth in water does not experience the same severe pain during labor pains as during childbirth under normal conditions. In addition, a large amount of fluid allows you to choose the most comfortable position in which it is easier to endure painful spasms.

In the water, a woman can relax a little, which helps the cervix to open faster and not so painful. The attempts are easier - the child comes out faster.

In the mother's belly, the baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid. When he is outside and tries to take his first breath, the sharp pain from the expansion of the lungs is inevitable. Birth in water is easier for a baby - he gets from one liquid to another, and the stress is not so strong.

Cons of giving birth in water

When giving birth in water, you must constantly monitor the temperature. Fluid that is too warm for a newborn can be dangerous. Harmful microorganisms multiply in it very quickly, and the warm water must be changed frequently. To prevent infection from entering the body of a woman or child, it is better to give birth in water that has undergone special purification.

This method of childbearing can not be allowed for all pregnant women: for example, in case of any complications of pregnancy, in the presence of diseases of internal organs, it is better to refuse giving birth in water.

It is necessary to give birth in this way exclusively in a hospital, under the supervision of specialists who will monitor the events, and, if necessary, will provide assistance.

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