What To Do If The Stroller Leads To The Left

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What To Do If The Stroller Leads To The Left
What To Do If The Stroller Leads To The Left

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Owners of classic strollers, as well as transformer strollers without swivel wheels, at least once, but faced a common defect when the stroller, when moving, leads to the side - to the left or to the right. This problem can have several causes. However, do not rush to take the stroller in for repair, as you have a chance to fix it at home.

What to do if the stroller leads to the left
What to do if the stroller leads to the left

Causes of a stroller defect

There are three main reasons that push the stroller to the left. The first is hidden in different tire pressures. The second is the asymmetrical frame geometry. This can be caused by external damage, temporary distortion, or a manufacturing defect. The third reason is the curvature of the wheel axis.

Methods for eliminating the main causes of a stroller defect

First, you need to diagnose all wheels of the stroller. Check the tire pressure and inflate the wheel if necessary.

If all wheels are normal, go to the next reason and try to correct the geometry of the frame itself. Considering the fact that the distance of the frames on both sides must be identical, try manually bending the frame a little. To do this, increase the distance between the wheels on the side to which it leads. In this case, unclench the left side of the frame, and, on the contrary, slightly squeeze the right side. To avoid damage to the stroller, you should not do your best. Then take a test drive.

Drive the stroller in a straight line to check the progress of the stroller. If the wheels continue to move to the left, try repeating the entire procedure again.

If this does not fix the problem, then move on to the third reason. The wheel axles also play a significant role in the smooth running of the stroller. Perform a thorough inspection first, and then proceed with the repair. To do this, turn the stroller over so that the rear wheels are raised and the front wheels rest on the floor. Step lightly with your foot on the left wheel and the axle next to the wheel, grasp the rear wheel axle with your hand and start to pull it up with jerks.

Try to pull without heavy pressure so as not to break the wheel axle.

In this way, you will stretch the width between the front and rear wheels, which, due to improper folding or physical pressure, can decrease to 5 cm over time. Next, turn the stroller back to its original position and shake it from side to side. Test the movement of the stroller. If the defect of the wheel axle does not work out the first time, do not lose heart, repeat this procedure again.

However, please note that if your stroller has severely disturbed geometry, then the frame will be almost impossible to align without the help of a specialist and special equipment. Therefore, first assess the damage to the stroller. If it is significant, do not waste your time and effort, contact the service.

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