What To Do With Your Child To Rest

What To Do With Your Child To Rest
What To Do With Your Child To Rest

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Children are the flowers of life for which we live. But if you are a parent, you will understand how good it is to sit in silence at night with a mug of tea. After all, all day you did what you picked up the fallen fidget, removed the pot of earth, which he somehow got out and dropped - this list can go on endlessly.

How to keep your child busy
How to keep your child busy

And so you want to sit down and just not think about anything, not run anywhere, not clean anything. This feeling is especially acute when you need to write something or find information on the Internet about work, set aside at least 15–20 minutes for your personal affairs.

How to keep your child busy?

This question depends on what exactly you want to spend precious minutes on. If you need to cook dinner or, for example, make a small rearrangement, then there are some tips to help:

• Give your child old newspapers and magazines that you will certainly find in your home. Let him write in them, tear them to pieces. But in no case afterwards do not punish for garbage on the floor, because you yourself wanted privacy, and you have to pay for it.

• Ask to bring a toy of a certain shape: square, round, and so on. It will take him a lot of time, or maybe it will play at all while he is looking. This method is useful in that it develops memory, attention, repetition of the shapes of objects.

• Have your toddler go into the room and put his toys away. Of course, your child will not want to do it just like that. Promise him sweetness for this.

• If you know that on a certain day you will need half an hour of free time, then buy a new toy. And especially for such cases, you can hide old ones, the child will forget about them and will be delighted as new.

• Give your baby a piece of paper, felt-tip pens, pencils, plasticine and place it next to you. Will be supervised and busy.

• Instead of a piece of paper, offer an old keyboard or toy. The path is practiced for pleasure.

• When talking on the phone, hand your baby an old landline phone or a mobile toy.

• Get a magic bag. Various ribbons, washed yogurt jars, all sorts of trinkets are put there - in a word, everything that adults consider unnecessary, and for children a real treasure.

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