What Cartoons To Watch With A Child At 2 Years Old

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What Cartoons To Watch With A Child At 2 Years Old
What Cartoons To Watch With A Child At 2 Years Old

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Two-year-olds can already start watching cartoons on TV, since their brains are finally formed in time for two years. However, the child's psyche is still developing, so it is difficult for a child to separate the television picture from reality. Psychologists recommend showing exclusively developing good cartoons to two-year-olds.

What cartoons to watch with a child at 2 years old
What cartoons to watch with a child at 2 years old


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An excellent choice for acquainting a child with the world of educational cartoons will be "Diego", the plot of which is based on love for animals and kindness. This interactive cartoon will allow the kid to actively participate in the search and rescue of various animals, as well as quietly start learning English. Well suited for a two-year-old child and cartoon "How Animals Talk", which in verse teaches the language of animals, using both the real sounds they make, and the human pronunciation of these sounds.

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Curious kids can turn on the cartoon "Educational for Mishutka", which teaches counting, the geometric shape of various objects, color and other features of the human environment. For creative children, the educational cartoon "Chuba and Booba" is ideal, demonstrating how to decorate pebbles using paint and eyes from old dolls that stick to pebbles and make them alive. Two-year-old children will be able to study the numbers and figures with the help of the cartoon "Umizumi", and the child learns the main spectrum of colors from the educational cartoon "Horse Rainbow".

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Today, the statistics for children from two to six years old is rather disappointing, since preschoolers spend about three hours a day watching various cartoons. At the same time, some of these cartoons are not developmental at all, which negatively affects the psyche of children, their eyesight and even mental development. To keep the child busy and at the same time teach basic knowledge, you should choose educational cartoons presented in the form of fairy tales with funny characters. The heroes of such cartoons should interactively tell kids about numbers and letters, learn songs and rhymes with them, and also introduce them to interesting games.

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The characters of educational cartoons must also travel to different countries and continents - this will significantly expand the child's horizons and prepare him for getting to know the world around him. Historical cartoon characters presented in a playful way can also be very useful. In addition, it is very important to choose cartoons that develop the child's imagination and logical thinking - only they should be as entertaining as possible so that the child does not get bored.

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