Cereal Games For Child Development

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Cereal Games For Child Development
Cereal Games For Child Development

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Fine motor skills are fine and precise finger movements. The development of fine motor skills is closely related to the development of attention, memory, logical thinking, speech, and, in the future, writing skills. The development of fine motor skills occurs naturally, starting from the neonatal period. But the child will be interested in games for the development of finger movements.

Cereal games for child development
Cereal games for child development

It is necessary

  • - cereals, grains, beans
  • - plastic cups, bowls, cups, spoons, etc.


Step 1

To get started, you can put one tablespoon of different types of cereals, seeds and beans in different containers. It will be interesting for the kid to take in the pen, feel them and he will have the opportunity to compare different types of cereals.

The child needs to be given complete freedom in this game, the only thing is to monitor safety so that the croup does not get into


Step 2

Children will be happy to mix all the proposed types of cereals in one container, and then they will enthusiastically take out the larger ones, for example, beans. With the help of spoons of different sizes, the child will be able to decompose the cereals in different containers. If you take white, gray or brown cereals and red lentils or yellow peas, the child will certainly take out the bright grains. Then you can invite him to put these seeds in a doll's plate or plastic cup.

Step 3

It should be borne in mind that the groats will crumble with awkward handles, so you need to prepare for the upcoming cleaning. It is quite easy to pick up cereals with a vacuum cleaner, even from a carpet. You can offer games with cereals when the child is ready for this. This is determined by the kid's interest in picking up various little things from the floor with his fingers, by his interest in the contents of kitchen cabinets, bags and jars. This is necessary for the child for development and, so that pampering is controlled, and the baby fully satisfies his curiosity, offer him a game with pre-prepared cereals.

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