How To Prepare Mentally For Adoption

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How To Prepare Mentally For Adoption
How To Prepare Mentally For Adoption

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There are situations when a young couple is not allowed to have children of their own. An orphanage can come to the rescue. There are many kids of different ages who have lost their parents. They will be happy to get into a new family. This step must be approached with caution, especially if you are not sure to the end.

How to prepare mentally for adoption
How to prepare mentally for adoption

It is necessary

It is necessary to visit an orphanage and choose a child for yourself


Step 1

On weekends or vacations, you can invite a child from the orphanage to visit you. This is a good option. Look at him, what kind of character the baby has, how he behaves, how he is developed. Prepare yourself mentally for adoption.

Step 2

While visiting, the child sees life outside the walls of the orphanage. He learns what a family is, not only from books and movies, he learns to live in it. The kid leaves the system, observes how relationships can be built in a life other than an orphanage, and he himself participates in them, socializes. However, children may experience acute feelings of returning to the orphanage. Questions arise: why am I not taken forever?

Step 3

Many orphanage children are diagnosed with mental retardation. You also need to be prepared for this.

Step 4

Psychologists and orphanage workers say that boundaries between you and your child should be established right away. You are the hostess, he is the guest. And let him call you by name or by name and patronymic, never - "mom".

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