How An American Can Adopt A Child In Russia

How An American Can Adopt A Child In Russia
How An American Can Adopt A Child In Russia

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Adoption of a child is a legal act that establishes a legal relationship between a child and his adoptive parents. In recent years, the program of adoption of children by foreigners has significantly expanded in Russia. Americans especially often come for the kids.

How an American can adopt a child in Russia
How an American can adopt a child in Russia

According to American law, a family that has taken a child from an orphanage or orphanage is in a special position. They are paid a decent allowance, their living conditions are improved, etc. But in order for children to feel comfortable in a new family, there is a special commission that monitors the behavior of adoptive parents in relation to babies. The commission is also responsible for adopted foreign children, but this is a different one. Since Americans take children from other countries into their families quite often, the members of the commission do not have time to follow everyone. Due to the fact that there will be less pressure over them, US citizens prefer to adopt children outside their home countries.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, Americans can adopt a child from Russia only if they failed to arrange him first in a Russian family. In addition, US citizens can apply for the adoption of a particular child only after 12 months from the date of his registration in the general database of the Department of Education.

When the future adoptive parents choose the baby, they must submit an application to the court at his place of residence. A whole package of additional documents must be attached to this document. It includes a certificate of living conditions of potential adoptive parents (it is drawn up in the American social agency); medical opinion on the health status of the adoptive parents; documents proving their identity; certificates confirming information about income; a document from the police that confirms that there are no offenses for American citizens. All papers must be translated into Russian and certified by the responsible persons.

In addition, adoptive parents must present a special permit from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for the child to enter and reside in the United States. Such a document confirms the fact that all the formalities for bringing the baby to America will be completed immediately after the Russian side gives its consent to adoption.

The guardianship authorities provide for their part all the necessary documents for the child for consideration of this case. This is a paper that confirms that he is registered in the database of the board of trustees; documents confirming the need for the adoption of this baby; his birth certificate; medical documents with information about the health status of the adoptee; written consent for the transfer of the child to adoptive parents from the director of the orphanage where the baby is being kept.

After filing the documents, the court has 50 days during which it can order the proceedings. After the court session is over, the adopted judgment will enter into force in 10 days. In case of a positive decision, the adoptive parents will be given all the necessary papers - a certificate of adoption, a new birth certificate of the child, which will indicate the name that the adoptive parents decide to give him, and the names of the parents themselves.

Then the family must take all these papers to the consulate for issuing a special entry visa for the child.

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