How Long Does An Ultrasound Scan Take?

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How Long Does An Ultrasound Scan Take?
How Long Does An Ultrasound Scan Take?

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In each trimester of pregnancy, the expectant mother is prescribed an ultrasound scan. Some women refuse research for fear of the negative effects of radiation. However, this is the only way to see how a child is developing and to identify pathologies in the early stages.

How long does an ultrasound scan take?
How long does an ultrasound scan take?

Ultrasound examination is based on the principle of sound waves passing through water. The baby's soft tissues, amniotic fluid and membranes absorb and reflect sound to varying degrees. The device records all the data, and the doctor decrypts them.

If the pregnancy is proceeding well, without complications, the woman is assigned one ultrasound scan in each trimester. Some expectant mothers do an ultrasound on their own before the first visit to the antenatal clinic to make sure that they are pregnant.

First trimester ultrasound

In the first trimester, an ultrasound scan is prescribed between the 10th and 14th week of pregnancy. It is carried out in order to determine the exact duration of pregnancy, the position and place of attachment of the fetus. The doctor makes the necessary measurements and checks them against the norms.

The first ultrasound is also called "Screening". During it, the thickness of the collar space is measured to exclude Down's syndrome in the fetus, they look whether the child's organs are formed correctly.

An experienced doctor can determine the sex of the baby even at such a short time, but this information is not 100% accurate.

Second trimester ultrasound

The second ultrasound is performed between the 20th and 24th weeks of pregnancy. Its purpose is to assess the condition and size of the baby and amniotic fluid.

This time measure the length and weight of the fetus, watch the amount of amniotic fluid, the presence of suspension in them. Analyzes for genetic diseases. The doctor compares the results obtained with the data of the first ultrasound, assesses the development of pregnancy.

Some parents do a 3D ultrasound in the second trimester. It allows you to see the child as he is, to examine the facial features, to observe his pastime. A mini-movie is recorded on a disk, which will remain as a keepsake.

Ultrasound of the third trimester

The third ultrasound is performed between the 32nd and 34th week of pregnancy. The main purpose of this ultrasound is to check the condition of the baby and uterus before childbirth, to assess the size and weight of the baby.

The doctor looks at the position of the child, entanglement with the umbilical cord. Ultrasound allows you to identify pathologies of late pregnancy, malformations of the baby.

Together with ultrasound in the third trimester, Doppler is often prescribed. With the help of special equipment, the expectant mother can hear her child's heart beating. This study helps the doctor to assess the blood flow in the vessels and the uterus, to identify hypoxia.

Many mothers are worried about the harm that ultrasound can do. If you attend studies for medical reasons, do not overdo it with their frequency, they will not bring any harm to the child.

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