How To Cure A Child's Seizure

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How To Cure A Child's Seizure
How To Cure A Child's Seizure

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Seizures occur in children for a number of reasons - they can be a manifestation of food allergies, a symptom of a lack of vitamins or nutrients, fungal or streptococcal skin lesions, a consequence of the child's habit of holding fingers or any objects in his mouth.

How to cure a child's seizure
How to cure a child's seizure

It is necessary

  • - brilliant green;
  • - fucorcin;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - nystatin ointment;
  • - a solution of borax in glycerin;
  • - petroleum jelly;
  • - honey;
  • - cucumber juice;
  • - Kalanchoe.


Step 1

To determine the cause of the occurrence of a jam, it is necessary to pass a scraping from the affected skin areas - this will help identify the pathogen and prescribe the appropriate treatment. But often such an analysis is not always carried out, but only in the case of a severe course of the disease, when the crust gets wet, prevents the child from eating, worries him during the day or in a situation if the pediatrician suspects the addition of a bacterial, fungal infection. Children most often suffer from poor hygiene.

Step 2

Monitor the content of vitamins in your child's diet and make up for the deficiency of beneficial micronutrients. You can give your child a special vitamin complex containing vitamin B2 in the required quantities (it is its lack that can cause a jam), or adjust the diet. If the child has a good appetite, and he already eats adult food, then offer him liver, dark green vegetables, brown bread, etc. Please note that B vitamins are absorbed in the small intestine, therefore, if a child has problems with stool, then it is necessary to simultaneously give him probiotics that normalize the intestinal flora.

Step 3

If the reason for the appearance of a jam is that the child does not wipe his face after eating, pulls various objects into his mouth, then it is necessary to treat the cracks with disinfectants. Lubricate the sore corners of the mouth and the surrounding skin with brilliant green, fucorcin, or an aqueous solution of methylene blue. Ask the child to open his mouth wide to treat all areas, to allow the antiseptic to penetrate deep into the cracks.

Step 4

Streptococcal seizures are treated in several stages. The child is not washed so as not to spread the infection to the face. Dry crusts are soaked with hydrogen peroxide, then carefully removed with a cotton swab. Then an antibacterial ointment is applied to the wound - tetracycline, synthomycin, erythromycin, etc. Salicylic alcohol is used to wipe the skin around the sore for disinfection.

Step 5

Fungal seizures are treated with special ointments - nystatin, a solution of borax in glycerin, etc. For the period of treatment, flour and sweets are limited so as not to create a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria.

Step 6

From folk methods, you can try lubricating cracks with petroleum jelly, honey, cucumber juice, Kalanchoe, etc.

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