How To Raise A Son In An Incomplete Family

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How To Raise A Son In An Incomplete Family
How To Raise A Son In An Incomplete Family

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Video: How To Raise A Son In An Incomplete Family
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Most women dream of raising a true gentleman and a real man from a boy. Often, the main obstacle on the way to a dream can be the lack of a model of masculinity - a father. Do not be sad about this, you can still meet your love. And it is possible to raise a son in an incomplete family, and many women have already succeeded.

How to raise a son in an incomplete family
How to raise a son in an incomplete family


Step 1

Be honest with your son. You can explain the reasons for the absence of a dad when the child turns three years old. According to psychological research, at this age, the formation of their own “I” is taking place, and children already understand a lot. Choose phrases from the words available to your child. The peculiarity of children's perception is that they live in the present - here, today, now. Therefore, do not send your child into the unknown with the phrase: "When you grow up, you will understand me."

Step 2

Do not rush to play two roles at once, switching from morning makeup to the basics of goalkeeper's art in football. First of all, you must be a woman. An uncle, grandfather or friends can play football with a child. An exception may be your passion for this kind of sport, when you yourself do not mind running after the ball in the yard in short shorts.

Step 3

The same goes for helping in everyday life. Do not be afraid to burden your child with small household activities. For example, ask them to carry one of the grocery bags (the lighter one, of course) to the door of the apartment. Avoid the commanding tone: "Help me, otherwise I'm tired!" Better to use the element of the game: "Let's play a game: who will be the first to bring the package to our floor?" Be sure to praise the boy, using the phrases: "My assistant!", "Thank you for your help!", "You, it turns out, are already so big", "You are a real gentleman!" etc.

Step 4

Enroll your son in men's sports: karate, boxing, football, etc. But do not limit yourself to this, develop it comprehensively. Listen to your child. Maybe he likes to play the guitar or train logic in chess. In any case, check with your son before choosing any courses for him.

Step 5

When focusing on nurturing masculinity, do not skimp on affection. If you see that the child has hurt his knee and cried, you should not humiliate him with the phrase: "Men do not cry!" They still cry. They just hide it from outsiders. Explain to the boy that everything can happen in life, and he must learn to distinguish when emotions can be released and when not.

Step 6

When raising your son, do not dissolve in him, forgetting about your desires. The boy will grow up and create his own family, and you can remain alone without experiencing female happiness. Allow yourself once a week to leave your son in the care of a nanny or grandmother and enjoy doing something for yourself: visit the spa, go on a date, invite friends to the cinema or theater. After all, mom is the first model of a woman for a boy. His attitude towards women in the future depends on what you will be.