How To Use The Lubricant

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How To Use The Lubricant
How To Use The Lubricant

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With an insufficient amount of natural lubrication secreted, sex turns from pleasure into a rather painful process. But there is a way out - use artificial lubricant. The contents of the bottle will help make lovemaking enjoyable and painless.

How to use the lubricant
How to use the lubricant


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Lubricants are different both in their composition and properties, and you need to choose a tool depending on how you plan to use it. Manufacturers often endow lubricants with additional effects. There are drugs that cause a rush of blood to the genitals due to the presence of essential oils in them, as well as, on the contrary, prolong the sexual intercourse. There are lubricants on the market that are designed specifically for anal sex - they contain anesthetic and regenerative substances. There are spermicidal lubricants that prevent pregnancy, as well as simply flavored products.

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Many women are embarrassed to suggest using a lubricant, fearing that their partner will think that he is not arousing them enough. However, a variety of causes can lead to vaginal dryness, from taking certain medications to drinking too much coffee. If you experience the discomfort of friction during intercourse or just want to experiment, you can try lubricated sex.

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It is more convenient to store the lubricant near the bed, or just before the date, transfer the tube under the pillow. This will save you from jumping out of bed at the most crucial moment and a long search for the coveted bottle on the shelves.

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The lubricant can be applied both to the vagina or anus, and to the male genitals, fingers or sex toys just before use. Squeeze a small amount onto your hand and warm it up before touching delicate parts of your body.

Step 5

Do not overdo it with the amount of lubricant. Excessive hydration will reduce the intensity of the sensation. If there is a lot of lubrication, the condom may simply slip off during intercourse.

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