How To Deal With Young Girls

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How To Deal With Young Girls
How To Deal With Young Girls

Video: How To Deal With Young Girls

Video: How To Deal With Young Girls
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When a young man meets a girl he likes, naturally, he wants to impress her, to awaken interest in himself. But if he misbehaves, the girl will almost certainly not want to communicate with him.

How to deal with young girls
How to deal with young girls


Step 1

"They meet by their clothes, they see them off by their minds." Remember this. Any self-respecting girl attaches great importance to neatness and cleanliness. Your clothes can be modest, inexpensive, but you must certainly be clean, shoes - free from traces of dirt and dust. Watch your hair, your hands. It is completely unacceptable that you have unevenly trimmed, dirty nails, even if you have to do manual labor! Take a shower regularly, use men's perfume, if necessary. Without observing these simple, but very important rules, there is nothing to think about that the girl will treat you favorably.

Step 2

When talking to a girl, try to keep it simple, natural, that is, be yourself. Do not try to pretend to be a very important person - the deception will still be revealed, and then you will find yourself in a very ridiculous position.

Step 3

Of course, you must behave politely and respect the rules of good manners. Do not repeat the serious mistake that inexperienced, shy young people often make, trying to disguise their lack of self-confidence with feigned bravado, rudeness! Rumors that good girls love bad boys often have nothing to do with reality. Remember: your task is to interest the girl, not disappoint, let alone shock.

Step 4

Try to show observation, make an accurate impression of the girl: what her tastes, views, what she likes and what - not. This will help you choose the right conversation topics. If it turns out that you have some similar hobbies, it will be much easier to communicate.

Step 5

So much has been said and written about the miraculous power of kind words, compliments, gifts, signs of attention that there is no need to repeat it. "You can't spoil porridge with butter" - this proverb will come in handy here. Praise her, give gifts (even the most modest ones), give her a hand when helping to get off the bus or tram, hold the door, letting her go forward.

Step 6

Try to come across as a reliable, confident person. A girl, communicating with you, should come to the conclusion that you can rely on someone like you, a guy, he will not let you down and will not betray. It is very important!

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