How To Meet The Young From The Registry Office

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How To Meet The Young From The Registry Office
How To Meet The Young From The Registry Office

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Usually a wedding in Russia involves three stages: an official one at the registry office or the Wedding Palace, a walk and a feast. The official part is the most responsible, because it is there that the direct marriage takes place. Young people entered the registry office as a bride and groom, and they leave as husband and wife.

How to meet young people from the registry office
How to meet young people from the registry office

It is necessary

rice, small coins, rose petals


Step 1

Immediately after the ceremony, the newlyweds usually spend some more in the registry office - accept congratulations, hold a photo session in the interiors. During this time, witnesses or toastmaster take it upon themselves to organize a meeting of young people at the door of the registry office, on the street.

Step 2

Guests are located at the entrance in a semicircle or form a road, standing in two lines. Put the children in the front rows. Rice, small coins, rose petals, which symbolize the wealth and well-being of the future family, should be prepared in advance.

Step 3

It is not necessary to collect rose petals yourself; many companies that help in organizing weddings offer such sets for meeting young people. Alternatively, rose petals can be ordered from major flower shops.

Step 4

Some of the guests take on the function of a bartender: open champagne, distribute glasses to all guests. There is a tradition for young people - having drunk champagne, break glasses on the ground. You can arrange this immediately after the registry office or later, before the start of the feast. In any case, do not leave trash after this: think about how to quickly and easily remove the fragments. You can prepare a beautiful wide bag, which you put on the ground and the young people will throw the glasses directly into it, and then someone and the guests will simply remove the bag.

Step 5

When the newlyweds go out, they shout: "Congratulations!" and showered with rice, money and petals. It is better to separate the rice / money from the petals when distributing to guests, since cereals and coins should be thrown low, under their feet, and the petals look more effective when they are thrown from above. You can also come up with a more original meeting: throw some other things that symbolize the future of the new family (for example, baby pacifiers, soft toys) or that are somehow connected with the hobbies of the groom or the bride. Be sure to collect all the items before leaving.

Step 6

The rest of the traditional activities usually continue after the walk before the feast. For example, the mother-in-law meets the bride and groom with a loaf on a towel, but this can also be done after the registry office, especially if the continuation of the holiday is not supposed to be long or not everyone is invited to continue.

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