How Is The Wedding In The Church

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How Is The Wedding In The Church
How Is The Wedding In The Church

Video: How Is The Wedding In The Church

Video: How Is The Wedding In The Church
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A wedding means a marriage, which is concluded in the face of the Lord. That is why the wedding is held in the church. It can be done only after the conclusion of an ordinary marriage in the registry office.

How is the wedding in the church
How is the wedding in the church


Step 1

Go to church and sign up for a wedding. To do this, take your marriage certificate with you at the registry office. Then pay the required amount of money. After that, you will be given a certain receipt for the right of the wedding.

Step 2

Confess when you arrive at church. Then, as a rule, a prayer service, requiem and funeral service will be held for an hour. You can change your clothes during this period of time. After the Divine Liturgy, you will be betrothed. At the same time, the young should stand at the entrance doors to the church, and the priest at this moment, in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ, will be in the altar. Then the priest will take the newlyweds to the temple in order to create a new and pure life in marriage.

Step 3

The priest will begin this ritual by imitating Tobias the pious, who chased the demon away from clean marriages with prayers and smoke. Then he will bless the young people and give them one lit candle in their hands. These candles imply a symbol of fiery love and purity of the relationship between husband and wife. Next, the priest will say prayers. These prayers will be about the salvation of the newlyweds and about the continuation of the relationship.

Step 4

At the command of the priest, the bride and groom, as well as their guests, must bow their heads before the Lord in order to receive blessings from him. The priest, meanwhile, will continue to read prayers to the Lord.

Step 5

Next, the priest will take the groom's ring on the right side of the throne and put it on, baptizing and uttering the cherished words three times. Then he will also put the ring on the finger and the bride herself. The engagement will end with the exchange of rings between the young. And so exactly 3 times in the glory and honor of the Holy Trinity. This exchange symbolizes the loyalty and devotion of the spouse.

Step 6

After the engagement, the wedding begins. Young people should enter the middle of the temple, holding lighted candles in their hands. The priest will walk in front of them with a censer. At the same time, he will give instructions to the young for good deeds. And the Choir will meet the newlyweds with the singing of a psalm, which will bless the marriage.

Step 7

After that, the bride and groom will go to the analogue, where the cross, crowns and the Gospel lie. There will be a white towel in front of him, on which the young should stand. Then they confirm all their intentions before the Lord God and before each other.

Step 8

Then the priest will say 3 lengthy prayers. After that, he will take the crown and baptize the groom with it, let him kiss the image of the Savior. Likewise, the priest will offer a crown to the bride. Next, the Gospel of John is read, the sayings of the Apostle Paul, and a small petition from the Church is pronounced. Then the priest presents the wine to the groom so that he takes three small sips, and after that the bride must do the same.

Step 9

Then the priest takes the right hands from the young and reunites, and from above covers them with his hand. Then he goes around the lectern three times. The wedding ceremony ends at the royal doors, where the groom needs to kiss the icon of the Savior, and the bride - the image of the Mother of God and vice versa.

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