What Needs To Be Done To Stop Loving You

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What Needs To Be Done To Stop Loving You
What Needs To Be Done To Stop Loving You
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Fans who are unrequitedly in love can be inconvenient. Then the girl experiences pangs of conscience, sympathy, and often - irritation. If his feelings are already beginning to seriously interfere, then it's time to make the guy stop loving himself and get rid of his obsessive attention.

What needs to be done to stop loving you
What needs to be done to stop loving you

If you haven't met him

Non-reciprocal love can be very strong and will be held for years simply by your politeness and pity. Therefore, the first step is to stop feeling sorry for this person and not give false hope for a possible future. Avoid phrases that he might take as a chance. For example, if you say that you are currently dating another guy, and therefore cannot be with him, the fan will patiently wait for your disagreement. Sometimes he may start to provoke a quarrel in order to speed up the breakup.

Avoid any meeting or communication with this person. Remove from friends and add to the blacklist on social networks. Don't answer calls and ignore SMS messages. If you see him on the street, turn around and walk back or bypass him. Throw away flowers and gifts, you can leave them in plain sight so that he clearly sees your refusal to his feelings. Hide from him for at least a month or two, and perhaps during this time he will stop loving you.

Talk to him. Tell him bluntly that you have no feelings for him and cannot love him. Make it clear that he is not your type and that nothing can be done to please you. Sometimes a bitter truth can sober a person up and help him stop loving.

Try introducing him to your girlfriend. Talk about her merits and invite them to take a walk. If the girl can charm him, you will get rid of your headache, and they can be happy.

If you meet with him or have met

It will be a little more difficult to get you to stop loving someone with whom you are dating or have met before. His feelings can go deeper, because they are not based on appearance and superficial judgments. But you know him much better and you can influence him.

Most likely, in your conversations, he mentioned what he likes about you. Take advantage of this information and become the opposite of his ideal. If he liked your blonde curls, dye it black and straighten your hair. Loves your humor - stop joking and don't laugh at anything. Loves the way you cook - don't touch in the stove.

Find out what he hates in girls, and instill in yourself such habits for a while. For example, if he does not like cold women, stop being interested in them and do not show tenderness in any way. Start nagging him, getting jealous, making quarrels from scratch. Refuse sex because you are not feeling well.

If you can no longer live with this man, and he does not let you go because of his love, you can take drastic measures. It is necessary to arouse self-loathing in him in any way. For example, you can induce vomiting or wet yourself with it.

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