Consequences Of DPT Vaccination

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Consequences Of DPT Vaccination
Consequences Of DPT Vaccination

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DTP vaccination is aimed at protecting the body from three types of infectious diseases: tetanus, pertussis and diphtheria. There are no contraindications to this vaccine, but for a child's body it is stress and complications are possible after it.

Consequences of DPT vaccination
Consequences of DPT vaccination

What you need to know about DTP

The DPT vaccine should not be administered if:

- the child had convulsions that are not the result of high temperatures;

- he is in a state of neurological progressive process.

Vaccination can be carried out after the end of the exacerbation of nervous or allergic diseases. Children who suffer from kidney, heart, liver diseases should be vaccinated first of all, since refusal can lead to dire consequences. Before each vaccination, and there are three of them, the child needs to be prepared. A few days before the procedure, you can give him antiallergic drugs and take immunological tests. Also, it will not be superfluous to visit a neurologist.

Benefits of DPT vaccination

All of these diseases are very dangerous. Even if intensive treatment helps to overcome the disease itself, there is no guarantee that the disease will not affect the further development of the fragile organism. Unfortunately, the probability of these diseases cannot be excluded by 100%. But the disease will pass without complications and, most importantly, without consequences.

Consequences of DTP vaccination

Redness may appear at the vaccination site, which in no case should be warmed up. It is also not recommended to touch the seal. Don't worry if the redness goes away within a month. A pea-sized seal is considered normal.

Another side effect is fever, which is considered a normal reaction to this vaccine. But the permissible rate is 37 ° C. The temperature above the indicated one should cause concern; the help of a doctor is required here. Some people mistakenly think that coughing is also a side effect after vaccination. Most likely, the child's immunity is simply reduced.

How to avoid consequences after DPT vaccination

All complications after DPT are divided into general and local. Regardless of how the child's body tolerates the vaccination, an antipyretic agent can be given two hours after the procedure. If the baby is breastfed, it is best not to change the mother's diet. It is imperative to limit the child's contact with strangers for several days. It is advisable to spend more time in the fresh air and give your child plenty of fluids.

If, nevertheless, the child has a fever and redness appears at the injection site, an antihistamine can be given. Some associate side effects with the presence of a pertussis component in DTP. You need to call a doctor if the temperature reaches +40 C, the redness of the skin is increased, and the child has convulsions. Summing up, it should be noted that experts consider mild reactions to vaccination to be a completely acceptable phenomenon. In the absence of DPT vaccinations, the consequences can be very serious.

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