How To Join A New Group Of Friends

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How To Join A New Group Of Friends
How To Join A New Group Of Friends

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New friends are always new impressions, new emotions and new adventures. There are, of course, many pluses. But it is not so easy to become "your own" in someone else's company, since this is an already established team, with well-established rules. However, the adaptation process can be mitigated with some advice from social psychology.

How to join a new group of friends
How to join a new group of friends

It is necessary

literature on social psychology


Step 1

Be natural and welcoming. Never try to show yourself to someone you really are not. Do not ascribe to yourself those qualities or skills that you do not really possess. Lies, even small ones, always become obvious and will only turn the company against you.

Step 2

Demonstrate a willingness to make contact. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the interests and habits of potential future friends. Just find the "golden mean". Obsessiveness and overly personal questions can only be annoying.

Step 3

Be kind. Keep your personal boundaries in mind, however. The desire to help new acquaintances is great. The main thing is that a volunteer will not turn into an ordinary person “running errands”. This is where the friendship ends. Therefore, learn to say no if the request is against your personal interests. The ability to behave with dignity will only increase authority.

Step 4

When you meet a new company, try to cement the relationship right away. Of course, if they are of interest to you. Do not refuse joint gatherings in cafes or friendly parties. Try to take the initiative and organize a trip to some interesting place.

Step 5

Don't be embarrassed. Remember that you are surrounded by exactly the same people, with their own complexes and problems. Their only difference from you is that they have known each other for a long time. So you need to try to fix it and get to know them just as well.

Step 6

Undoubtedly, you have some talents. Feel free to reveal them. Only, again, without obsession and without a sense of superiority. Talented people always inspire interest and respect.

Step 7

One more point. If you are constantly trying to forge new relationships, but over and over again nothing comes of it, think about what your personal qualities may be hindered. Ask your friends, as it is often more noticeable from the outside. Having identified the problem, start working on yourself using the literature on social psychology. You can always acquire new qualities and become a truly interesting person. And then, perhaps, others will already think about how to please you and the company around you.

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