How To Kick A Guy Off Politely

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How To Kick A Guy Off Politely
How To Kick A Guy Off Politely

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A universal way to kick a guy off politely under any circumstance is to intelligently interrupt communication. But since a girl is supposed to remain nice and good in any situation, the communication should be curtailed smoothly, so that the guy gradually gets the impression that it is not you, and he cannot keep up a conversation with you.

How to kick a guy off politely
How to kick a guy off politely


Step 1

To kick a guy off politely:

Never show yourself or support his initiative in anything, without explaining any reasons and thus not giving him the opportunity to please you. Frequently used words such as: “No”, “I don’t want to”, “Not interested”, without any explanation, can ruin any initiative.

Step 2

Answer his questions strictly within the framework set by himself, without expanding them or adding anything new to what has already been said. The answer is as simple as possible, so that he gradually gets the feeling that he knows everything about you. By the way, it's good if from the very beginning of your acquaintance he has a minimum of information about you and your hobbies - this will complicate his task in maintaining communication, which will only play into your hands.

Step 3

Do not be interested in his personal qualities, opinions and other issues that do not have an objective assessment and, thus, give the opportunity to involve you in unnecessary conversation.

Step 4

Try to make him feel uncomfortable with you, but don't go over the top of being polite. How can this be achieved? Use provocative questions and a judgmental frame by placing him in different situations and expressing opinions about his actions. For example, a guy says that a colleague asked him to help with a report for the boss, and he helped him. Your reaction: “So strange! Why do you allow yourself to be used? Nobody will respect you for that."

Step 5

Show that you don’t share his values, even if you don’t. For this, the eternal theme is very fertile, that you have to pay for everything in this world. For example, he tells you that he and his friends formed a group and were invited to perform at a concert. Your reaction might be: "Great, and how much will you get paid for this?" When he explains that the main thing is to show yourself first, and then think about money, remark cynically: “All this, of course, is good … If you are a student. But isn't it better to do something worthwhile?"

Step 6

In general, more often reduce the conversation to money, implying that the guy should make good money. The men themselves will complete the logical chain: “If a girl constantly says that a man should earn money, then she herself is hardly going to work, which means that I will have to work at least for two. Why do I need it?". Of course, in this way, you create in his head the wrong image of yourself, but if you need to kick a guy off politely, does it really matter what he thinks about your inner world?

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