How To Stop Being Shy In Bed

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How To Stop Being Shy In Bed
How To Stop Being Shy In Bed

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Excessive stiffness in sex is more common in young women. Moreover, the tendency to shyness depends little on the external data of the girl, because even the most beautiful person is able to find flaws in herself. Shyness brings inconvenience to both the woman and her partner, because prevents him from "loving her with his eyes." How to stop being shy in bed?

How to stop being shy in bed
How to stop being shy in bed


Step 1

Love your body. Sleep naked, look at him in mirrors, look for winning positions for you. Anyone can find flaws in themselves. You are looking for dignity. Buy erotic lingerie, take care of your body - epilation, massage, manicure and pedicure should not be done from time to time, but constantly. Try to find the kind of lighting that will make you even more seductive. Nightlights or candles work best in this regard.

Step 2

Get to know your body. You definitely need to understand what exactly will give you pleasure. To do this, you will have to experiment alone in the bathroom or bed. Try going to a sex shop and getting a toy. Once you get to know your body, you will have more pleasure and forget about shyness.

Step 3

Learn to relax. Meditation, a fragrant bath, a glass of wine (only one!) Can help you with this. Before intimacy, do not allow yourself to think on abstract topics, tune in to pleasure. Try the method of the wives of eastern monarchs. Knowing that her husband will come to the chambers in the evening, the woman prepares for the visit all day: takes care of herself, rubs fragrant oils into her body, mentally tunes in to sex. As a result, by the evening the woman is completely ready to receive and give pleasure.

Step 4

Heed the advice of makeup artists to always look prettier and not shy in bed. First, let your skin always be tanned - the body in this case always looks slimmer and more attractive. Apply self-tanner, and every other day add another layer where you need to reduce the volume, for example, on the sides. Secondly, use creams with a radiant effect - they make the skin smoother, fresher and more attractive. Third, use perfume. Men are turned on by smells with notes of strawberry, chocolate or cinnamon. Just don't scent too much - it will be annoying in bed.

Step 5

And finally, remember, the sexiest women of all time were rarely distinguished by their beauty, they conquered men with relaxedness, intelligence, charm and were never shy to show themselves.

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