How To Stop Being Shy About Girls

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How To Stop Being Shy About Girls
How To Stop Being Shy About Girls

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There are some young men who are very shy about communicating with girls, although there are no objective reasons for this. They are cute, not deprived of intelligence and other positive qualities, perhaps even quite sociable with friends of the same gender, but in communication with girls they are shy. It seems to them that the girls are very difficult to understand, and they will like them - it is generally an impossible task. Usually teenagers are like that, and this is quite normal. However, the sooner a person is able to cope with embarrassment, the sooner he will begin to achieve meaningful results in his life.

How to stop being shy about girls
How to stop being shy about girls


Step 1

First, grasp a simple truth for yourself: girls are not creatures from another planet, but people just like you. They are also ashamed of you, they also do not always understand the logic of the actions of young people. But you will definitely learn to understand them if you take control of your shyness.

Step 2

Trust that you have many good qualities. Try to write down your positive traits and remind yourself from time to time that you are a great guy. If you doubt that you are attractive enough on the outside, try to identify what you dislike about yourself and change that. Underdeveloped muscles? Go in for sports. Unkempt appearance - watch yourself. Wear only clean and ironed clothes, exceptionally clean and worn-out shoes. Don't forget to get your hair cut on time. Be neat at all times, not only when you are going to see a girl. Over time, this will give you confidence in your own attractiveness and become a habit.

Step 3

Learn to be a good conversationalist. Try to be as casual with your girlfriend as you are with your friends. Remember that all people (and girls in particular!) Love to talk about themselves. Therefore, in a conversation, ask the girl questions about her, at first some trifling ones, over time in the stories you can find new topics for conversation. Show genuine interest. If you see that a girl is enthusiastically talking about something, then this topic is interesting to her, and you should take advantage of this.

Step 4

Remember that you cannot learn anything without trying. So it is with communication. Chances are, your first attempts at talking to a girl won't be very successful, but it will get better and better over time. And without practice, there will be no progress. In this regard, by the way, it is reasonable to train communication skills not with those girls for whom you have a pronounced sympathy, but with those to whom you are more indifferent. Firstly, with them it will be easier for you to control your emotions, and secondly, in case of failure, you will not lose anything. In addition, it is much more useful in terms of gaining experience to communicate with those with whom you do not have many common interests. Having learned how to communicate with such girls, you will be able to communicate with any and stop being ashamed of them.

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